Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Shouldn't Be Doing This...

Mississippi Mud Cake

I hear you saying, “Obachan!! What are you doing!? Have you finished cleaning?!”
NO, not finished yet. But I had some leftover heavy cream from the caramel butter cake I made the other day. Now that my old fridge has been unplugged, I wasn’t sure if the cream would be OK without being refrigerated. So I took a break from cleaning and googled a little while to find a cake recipe that calls for heavy cream. And I finally found this Mississippi Mud Cake recipe.

Since I baked a butter cake just the other day, I wanted to stay away from butter this time, so I went for the Crisco. I had no chocolate for frosting, so I whipped the remaining heavy cream after the batter was put into the oven. And I needed to use up one more thing: frozen cream cheese frosting that had been thawed since the fridge was unplugged. I decided to slice the cake in half and sandwich the cream cheese with the slices.

The result? Well, I’ve never tried adding coffee to chocolate cake batter before and I was a bit skeptical, but the cake turned out great—at least, tastewise. (I didn’t do a good job mixing in the dry ingredients as you can see in the photo.) Yes, I like the taste. To me this seems to be a keeper... This is rather dangerous kind of cake for me, though. It is sweet but not heavily sweet, and I end up eating too much at one time.

Ahhh… still have some cleaning to do….!!! :O


K and S said...

looks very yummy!! and you HAD to use up your cream before the new refrigerator comes. ;)

you deserve a break anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Looks grande!!!!!! Isn't it fun cleaning up the refrigerator?

Anonymous said...

Oohhhh, Obachan! That cake looks so scrummy and it's making my mouth water..Mmmm. I'm a cream fan. :P I wish I could try baking a cake soon; I tried baking an apple crumble the other day (to use up the apples in frigde) and it turned out so-so. That's the problem with appliances that you're not familiar with! :P Anyway, good luck with the cleaning and clearing - it's nice to get 'distracted' by cooking while doing the mundane task!

Anonymous said...

Hello!! I came here through “Oslo food”. I like your blog with your nice photos and detailes about Japanese food in English! I am ashamed because I don’t know about Japanese food culture so well. Maybe I have been eating too much Gaku-shyoku through my student life. I will introduce your blog for my foreign friends! Anyway this cake looks really nice…

obachan said...

Kat & Satoshi
Right. A new fridge usually doesn’t like to take over heavy cream from an old fridge. ;P No. I just needed an excuse to bake something.

Fun? You call it FUN? Yeah, maybe it is. I just don’t know why I don’t do it more often.

Thanks. It was actually very encouraging to have something being baked in the oven while cleaning the kitchen. With the chocolate cake aroma from the oven and the music from my digital audio player, even the work of discarding matured “mystery packs” was less painful. ;P

Hi. Welcome to my humble blog and thanks for your nice comment.
I didn’t and still don’t know much about Japanese food, either, but keeping this kind of blog is certainly a great learning opportunity --- and more than anything, so much fun, of course!

I know exactly how you feel. ;)

obachan said...

Hi helen,
Thanks for leaving a comment. :) So glad to hear that you enjoy visiting my blog, and you feel the same way as I do. Hope you keep coming back.