Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lazy Morning with Biscuits

Yogurt Biscuits

Every month, the first week is the most hectic one at my daytime work. I have to complete and email a file by the midnight of the 10th and that task keeps me a little nervous at this time of the month. So after the 10th, I usually feel quite lazy, which is probably a rebound? ;P

This was my breakfast on a lazy morning in the second week of the month. I made yogurt biscuits with the trans-fat free shortening I mentioned in my blog before. (Yeah, I ordered a couple when I mentioned about it in my post at the end of last year.) I used this recipe, but added just a little bit of sugar.

The biscuits were pretty good, even with the cheap “cake syrup” to which they claim that pure Canadian natural maple syrup is added. I still have plenty of biscuits left, so for my late lunch I will probably get some sausage and try "biscuit sausage sandwich." I’m ready for something savory now … :)


xtinehlee said...

sounds like a wonderful lazy morning! thanks for sharing, those biscuits look WONDERFUL.

FooDcrazEE said...

yoghurt biscuit ! thought it was english muffin.

Delish, eh ?

Anonymous said...

Ummm.. the biscuits look good. I thought they looked a bit like scones.

Anonymous said...

Those look unbelievably yummy. I just realized I'm hungry! I haven't heard of the no-trans-fat Crisco, I'll have to look for some.

Anonymous said...

The biscuit look yummilicious..!! and sinful.. hahha!!

obachan said...

Thanks. They looked lovely in the morning sunshine.

Well, the texture of American biscuits is a bit different from English muffins, I think.

Amber Amethryne
Well, the texture of American biscuits is a bit different from scones, I think. ;)

I just wanted to try this Crisco stuff to see what it’s like.

Mama Bok
Yeah, the melting butter with the syrup… mmmmmmm….!!!

JMom said...

Your biscuits look deliciously perfect, obachan! Happy New Year :-)

obachan said...

Hi JMom,
So great to hear from you! :D Hope you had a good start of the new year.