Friday, February 03, 2006

Common Cold Remedies Meme

Tamagozake (Japanese Eggnog)

Rosa’s Yummy Yums tagged me for the Common Cold Remedies Meme last month, and now here it is! Sorry for taking so long.

This tamagozake is one of the common cold remedies in Japan. As the name indicates, it’s a mixed drink of egg (tamago) and sake, sweetened with sugar. The sake is supposed to give you a good sleep and the lysozyme in egg white is said to strengthen the immune system and thus help cure the cold.

Tamagozake (Japanese Eggnog)
Ingredients: for 1 serving
1 egg
180 mL sake
2 tsp sugar
(A little ginger juice from grated ginger root -- optional))

In a saucepan, heat sake and let it flame for a while to evaporate alcohol. Remove from heat and wait for a few minutes to let it cool. Add beaten egg to sake little by little (do NOT add all at once), stirring well. Add sugar and heat over a VERY low heat, stirring continuously until thick and creamy. Add a little ginger juice, if desired. Serve hot.

* To stir tamagozake, I prefer using 5 to 6 chopsticks to a whisk. ;) To make it smooth and creamy, it is important to keep stirring thoroughly while heating over very low heat. (The double boiler method may be safer, but it still needs thorough stirring.)

This is a common cold remedy in Japan, but it also reminds me of Buddhist memorial services in my childhood. Women in extended families got together to cook, and while men were drinking and eating in the main guest room, women in the kitchen enjoyed this drink made with leftover sake. :)


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That sound good! It's a bit like Eggnogg...
Thanks for doing this meme!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try that sometime this winter, Thanks! -erica

obachan said...

rosa’s yummy yums
Yeah, I think this is pretty close to eggnog, but I don’t think people use bunch of chopsticks for making eggnog, right? ;P

Good luck. Hope you like it. : )

Good luck to you, too. I heard that if you like the strong alcohol flavor, it is not really necessary to evaporate it beforehand.
It’s very nice of you to remember that miso drink. So you are expecting a major drinking occasion sometime soon? ;)

Anonymous said...

I've just tried this recipe (it's pretty cold and ugly outside right now) and it was just that: taihen oishikatta!

obachan said...

Really?! You liked tamagozake? Oh, you made my day, cara. Thanks! :D

Kent said...

This is a great recipe. I have prepared it using inexpensive Ozeki, as well as some leftover imported Junmai. Both worked quite well.

The final heating should take a long time, shouldn't it? Over 15 minutes to do it slowly enough and prevent the egg from scrambling?

The stirring is quite meditative and relaxing. Perfectly suited for a cold and rainy evening. Or a cold winter's night.

The interaction of flavors between the sake, egg, and sugar was distinct, unexpected, and totally unique to my American palate.

Thank you for sharing this recipe!

obachan said...

Oh, I 'm so happy to hear that you liked tamagozake. (I always think that this tastes better when made with inexpensive sake, honestly.)

Anonymous said...

My wife just got sick and I gave her some of this. I substituted sugar with maple syrup. She liked it. Thanks so much for the recipe. I am sure she will get better soon.