Monday, February 06, 2006


Kaki furai (breaded and deep-fried oysters)

I made kaki furai twice this winter, and I was disappointed both times. I don’t know why… The oysters tasted rather bland. I thought it was my seasoning, so I used more salt and pepper on my second try, just to find out that it didn’t help much.

One of the cooks at the izakaya said that smaller oysters would probably taste better. That’s right… the ones I used were quite big both times. Mmmm… next time I’ll look for smaller oysters.


Karen said...

I love kaki furai, so good, not so healthy, but very tasteful!

RadiationWatch said...

oh dear...I miss kakifurai here in Switzerland. They charge 19.50 / about US $15 for 3 raw oysters at a certain restaurant here...

also i think nantoka narudesho is 'que sera sera' :)

q said...

looks good! i'd love to try some :-)

do you have with sauce?

Anonymous said...

Kakifurai looks wonderful. I can't believe they have little taste. Have you heard of crab boil seasoning from the South USA? Maybe some of that in the breadcrumbs would make it tastier?
I don't really know,,,,I'm just guessing.

Anonymous said...

Your kakifurai looks good. I'd have them with chilli sauce. :-)

FooDcrazEE said...

try with some garlic powder !

obachan said...

Yeah, usually it is tasty, but this year I don’t seem to have a good luck… :(

US$15 for 3 oysters?!?! They’d better be really good…
Oh, I love that song, que sera sera :D Thanks! That phrase sounds very positive, doesn’t it?

Thanks. This time, they didn’t taste as good as they look, unfortunately. I usually eat kakifurai with tartar sauce, but when the oysters are very flavorful, all I need is just a squeeze of lemon.

Year, when the oysters don’t have good oceany flavor, what you can do is spicing it up, right?

skyjuice 7
That must be good, too. :)

Mmm…, somehow, I’ve never tried the combination of oysters and garlic. But yeah, why not? Maybe I could sauté them with garlic powder and butter??

Jennie Durren said...

They might have tasted bland, but they look beautiful. I'm terrible at deep-frying (did you see the korokke on my page?!), probably because I don't do it very often.

Oysters and garlic taste great together! I also like really spicy cocktail sauce with fried seafoods.

Anonymous said...

It was old bay spice...ha ha.. I'm getting senile. I've never used it before, but I've seen chefs on the food channel use it quite often.

obachan said...

I used tartar sauce this time. Some people love tonkatsu sauce with kakifurai, but not me. : )

Hey, your korokke looked excellent! Why do you think you are terrible at deep-frying??
I don’t do it very often, either. The fan (you call it extractor fan??) in my kitchen is not very powerful, so I close the door to the living room and open the kitchen window when I deep-fry something, and it’s cold in winter, you know. ;)

Old bay spice. OK! Thanks! :D

Vivilicious said...

Hey Obachan! Your kakifurai look beautiful! I recently had American style kakifurai at Pearl Oyster Bar in New York city. So good, ohmigosh!

obachan said...

American style kakifurai? Gee, I wonder what it is like.

Liz said...

Obachan this looks stunning!

I miss Japan whenever I see your pictures: but I love the natsukashi- feeling!

obachan said...

Hi Liz,
Sounds like you enjoyed kakifurai when you were in Japan?
I’m glad to hear that my photos make you feel natsukashi. Come visit often! :)