Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Garden Report - March 2006 #2 -

My blueberry (Sunshine blue) is blooming, too :D



Anonymous said...

Pretty blooms. :-) Please do post more garden photos.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Beautiful!!! I love this pink colour; it makes me feel happy...
Yes, we want to see more pictures of your garden!

Anonymous said...

That's cool.. Obachan!!

Maud said...

Oh no, and we do still have snow in Finland! But beautiful, your blueberries!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I never knew that blueberry blooms are so sweet and pretty looking.

Anonymous said...

What pretty flowers! Just looking at them makes me happy. I hope you'll enjoy working in the new kitchen too. Happy belated birthday!

Karen said...

Pretty flowers! We don't have blueberries here.

Deetsa said...

My mother's bushes will probably be doing the same now or soon at least. She has 6 bushes! Yum!


Anonymous said...

So cuuute, it's like they're just awake from long winter (was it a long one?)
May you have lovely delicious blueberries this year Obachan, and lots of em :P


Anonymous said...

Must be exciting to be learning more about kaiseki! I've yet to taste a real kaiseki yet, but your quasi-kaiseki have given me some ideas, and I can't wait to visit Japan next year and taste some. Good luck!

obachan said...

Sure. It’s a real exciting time in my balcony garden now. I’ll post about the new buds/sprouts and flowers that make me so happy to see.

Aren’t the pink flower buds and white flowers really cute? Another interesting thing is that the red leaves from last year are still remaining and new green leaves are coming out, so my blueberry plant is very colorful now! :D

mama bok
Thanks. ;)

Oh, is must be pretty cold over there. But to tell you the truth, the weather is a little strange here now…we suddenly had a very cold day yesterday and I think it snowed in the northern part of Japan.

anonymous commenter
This blueberry plant is “sunshine blue” and it’s the kind known for pretty pink flower buds and white flowers.

Thanks for your birthday wish and yes, the plants in my balcony garden make me happy especially in spring.

Oh, you don’t? Well, come visit my balcony garden and see how they grow ;)

Six bushes! She must be making loads of blueberry desserts every year. How wonderful!

I’d say it was not very long, but cold winter.
Yeah, I had a very modest harvest last year, so I’m hoping to have more this year.

Oh, you’re coming to Japan?! Hope you have a chance to try a kaiseki meal. It’s rather expensive, but really worth trying, I think.