Thursday, March 02, 2006

Help Me, Please...

Lime Bars ... Overbaked

These were supposed to be creamy lime bars, but since I overbaked them and the bottom crust turned out rock-hard and the top almost caramelized, I shouldn't call them “creamy.” I’m just lucky that they are still edible. Mmm... I'll do better next time.

I need your help here, dear readers. I made these inspired by the post (with the tempting photos!!) on Joe's site. In the recipe there, the amount of sweetened condensed milk is mentioned as “1 can.” Well, they don't sell canned sweetened condensed milk at the supermarket I shop at, so I want to know how much the “1 can” in the recipe is to figure out how many sweetened condensed milk tubes I should buy. Can you tell me the quantity of “1 can”sweetened condensed milk in the U.S? For this test batch (I decided to call it so), I just used up the amount I had left, but next time I would like to follow the recipe precisely.



Anonymous said...

the carnation and eagle brands of condensed milk are 14 ounces in the U.S. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

oh! I also forgot to add, if you're overcooked bars are too hard to eat, why don't you crush them up and add them to ice cream.

Jennie Durren said...

I used to make twenty Key Lime pies every day when I worked at a bakery. Let me tell you, opening 24 cans of sweetened condensed milk was not fun... my hands got all sticky, and I hate having sticky hands. The pies were good, though!

How much condensed milk is in the tubes? I tried to do a google search and came up with either 100mL or 200mL, so I guess you'd need a little more than 2 200mL tubes to make up one can (US 14oz).

Anonymous said...

Don't be distressed, Obachan.

I may not be able to tell you how much a can of condensed milk is, but I can sure direct you to a recipe I have tried which turned out great. Check out the recipe for Lucy Bars under 'Guest Recipe Book' at

It's actually a recipe for Lemon Bars. But I'm sure you can substitute the lemons with limes. The best part is you won't have to worry about how much a can of condensed milk is. I hope it will cheer you up : )


Anonymous said...

Sweetened condensed milk and condensed milk are two different products...condensed milk like the carnation is not sweet like the thick sweetened condensed milk. Two completely different products with much different results in cooking....

obachan said...

anonymous commenter
Thank you so much! So it’s 14 oz. OK. Now I know how many tubes I need to buy.
Also, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I already ate them up, but I’ll definitely try it out when I overbake lime bars next time ;)

24 cans!! :O I would throw up.
Thanks for your info. I don’t remember exactly but the tube I can get at the supermarket should contain a little more than 100 mL, I guess. (I’m sure it was not exactly 100 mL.) I’ll check it out at the store. Thank you :)

Oh, thank you. With all these warm help, I’m not distressed any more ;) The recipe for Lucy Bars look so nice. I’ll give this a try, too, someday.

Yeah, actually we have both sweetened and unsweetened condensed milk in Japan and I’ve used both in cooking/baking and I know the difference. Joe’s recipe said sweetened condensed milk and I used sweetened one for this test batch, and I’m going to use sweetened one for my future attempts, too. I got lazy and forgot to repeat “sweetened” with the “canned” and “condensed” etc. in my post but I meant sweetened condensed milk and I assume that those who have commented so far meant that, too.

obachan said...

I googled and double checked. For both carnation and eagle brands, 1 can sweetened condensed milk was 14 oz.
No problem! :D

Joe said...

Obachan - I did reply to your question via the recipe page when you posted - I'm sorry if I didn't get back to you in time! Yes, it was a 14 ounce can! Sorry it didn't work out, if you get a chance to try it out again - let me know!

FooDcrazEE said...

14oz is abt 420gm damn, here they sells at 1000gm can..better buy 2 tube then

Anonymous said...

hi obachan, i have tagged you for a meme - hope to see your answers for them! details are on my blog cheers! :)

obachan said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! So sorry, Joe! I just thought that my comment couldn’t get through and didn’t read the recipe page carefully after that. So stupid of me! See, this is what it means to be old. (My birthday is coming soon.) Thank you so much for coming over to give me that info. I’m definitely going to try the lime bars again. : )

1000 g can? Wow! @_@

OK. Yeah, it’s about time to try another meme. Thanks for tagging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan--if you'd like to try again with real condensed milk, let me know and I'd be glad to send you a couple of cans

After spending so many pleasant hours reading your adventures, it'd be my way of giving back :)

obachan said...

Thank you, stephle. :) I tried out the recipe again with Morinaga condensed milk, and it seems to have worked out fine. I really appreciated your offer, though.

As long as someone enjoys reading about it, I promise to keep my culinary life as adventurous as possible! :D

xtinehlee said...

thank you for this post and this recipe! i was intrigued and made some creamy lime bars myself last night! they are fabulous, and such a treat at this time of year, when the weather is cold and dark. :) nothing like citrus to wake up the senses in a cheerful manner!

obachan said...

Hi C(h)ristine,
Glad to hear that you gave it a try and had a success. I agree with you about the effect of refreshing citrus.