Friday, March 24, 2006

Izakaya Menu #4 - Beef Tongue Stew -

Beef Tongue Stew

I’d never expected to post an entry like this, but here it is… This was one of our Izakaya menu: Beef tongue stew. It was served with these toppings and heavy cream like this (but not with the bread and wine -- these were my additions).

Now that our izakaya is closing in 2 days, they stopped serving this dish last night and gave me all the leftover beef tongue stew (frozen). So I had this HEAVY late-night supper last night. ;P And I still have some in my freezer.

They also gave me some leftover frozen lamb chops and I’m wondering what I can make with them. Suggestions?

Anyway, I’m soooooo happy that I have this nice, new refrigerator with a bigger freezer at the bottom in my kitchen now. If my old fridge had to break, it certainly broke in a good timing. ;)



milgwimper said...

The meal looks really good, I love that the red peppers and green are bright. How did the stew taste?

For the lamb chops you can marinate in olive oil, rose mary and garlic and grill it, or braise it served with some mashed potatoes, and some other veggie side...

OsloFoodie said...

Obachan, the broth looks wonderfully rich that I long to taste it!

FooDcrazEE said...

it looks so rich and delish.....dipped some nice baguette into them and .....drooling now

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that looks liek the perfect comfort food at the end of a stressful day. I love beef tounge, especially sliced thing at Yakiniku, and I LOVE lamb. As another poster all ready suggested, I think you should marinate it in some olive oil, lemon juice, rosemary, basil, mint even- best if all these herbs were fresh- let is sit all day long, then Grill it or broil it in the oven quickly. Have a glass of red wine, watch your favorite romantic comedy and just treat your self to a relaxing evening. Maybe have a few pieces of dark chocolate for desert with a second glass of red wine.
(can u tell i'm stressed at work! Ha ha ha.) Take care!

Oh one other idea is to have lamb curry maybe.

lance-s said...

I agree with everyone. That Beef Tongue broth looks so good. Nice and thick and rich. I bet it really warms up the tummy. Any hints on how it's made or is it the Izakaya's secret sauce?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
Silvia and Roby (Milan,Italy)

JMom said...

Hey! I came by to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I don't think I've ever cooked beef tongue nor have I eaten any lately to even remember what it tastes like. You're making me want to try making least as soon as I figure out where to get them :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, is it Obachan's bday? bonne anniversaire then ^__^
Never really tried beef time I saw a huge tongue in meat section in a grocery store and I just....turned blue of shock...but I guess I should try it before judging it, but it will surely hard not to think it's a tongue when chewing on it >___<
Take care :]


Valentina said...

This dish looks so gorgeous, all these beautiful colours. It definitely is a feast to the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Unless I read incorrectly, the beef tongue is already made into a stew. Too bad. At Korean BBQ places, they slice the beef tongue into thin strips, marinate lightly with sesame oil, ginger, garlic, a little sugar and barbecue it. It's really soft and tender.
Lamb Chops are amazing with just garlic, rosemary and some olive oil.
If you want, you can also take the meat off the bones and grind them to make lamb burgers or meatballs. It's really good with feta cheese. Mmmm.

Evangeline said...

Alot of Chinese (including me) find that lamb has too strong a flavour. What my dad does is marinate the lamb with lots of crushed garlic, ginger some sesame oil/soy sauce/oyster sauce/pepper/fish sauce and leave overnight. It really removes the strong sou flavour, and it's so yummy and tasty it doesn't need anymore sauce once you've barbequed/pan fried it!~

obachan said...

It tasted good. Not too heavy, not too light… very “Japanese,” I guess.
Thanks for the suggestion of the lamb chop dish. Rosemary and garlic sounds good. So this dish doesn’t need any sauce?

I wonder what your reindeer or elk stew taste like… I long to taste them. : )

Yep, dipping baguette was the “must.” ;)

the wine makers wife
Oh, I love sliced yakiniku-type beef tongue!
Your suggestion sounds really excellent! :D I really have to give it a try. I couldn’t do that on my birthday night, but maybe sometime soon… next weekend??
Hope you’re not too stressed at work ;) Lamb curry sounds good, too.

I guess it’s their secret sauce. I had no access to the recipe.

Oh! Thank you so much for your birthday wish from Italy! :D

OH, how nice of you to remember my birthday!
I don’t know how popular beef tongue is over there, but I guess it’d look grotesque when it’s raw and not sliced… ;P

I don’t blame you. It must have been shocking. But let me emphasize… it does taste good. Hope you have a chance to taste it sometime in the future without knowing what it is. :)

Thanks. At the izakaya, we always had to use those three kinds of peppers for topping, and it reminded me of traffic lights ;)

Yeah, the tongue is already made into a stew. That BBQ version sounds so good, too. BTW, at our izakaya, we used to serve beef tongue yukke (spelling??)
Wow, so many people suggested lamb chops, rosemary, garlic and olive oil combination. OK, I’m convinced. I must try this sometime soon.
I’ve heard of feta cheese… that’s something I haven’t tried yet. I wonder what it’d taste like with lamb.

That sounds like a really tasty marinate sauce. I’ve never tasted lamb + oyster sauce and/or fish sauce before. Mmmm… hard to imagine, but sounds tempting ;)