Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sawachi Dishes at a Local Food-Related Event

OK, I guess I’m still a bit feeling down from my previous post, so let's cheer up! These photos were taken at a local food-related event last Sunday. The dishes are called Sawachi (often pronounced "saachi" ), which are our local famous dishes. Basically they are bunch of local foods served, arranged in a gorgeous, decorative way, on big, often expensive plates. Among traditional Sawachi dishes, there were several modern versions with a Western or Chinese touch.
Enjoy! :D (Click photos to enlarge.)

The castle was made using apx. 1000 koya-dofu (frozen tofu)! :O

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Anonymous said...

Pretty looking dishes! Did you have a bite or two? I hope things will turn out well at the new Izakaya. *hugs*

Joycelyn said...

hi obachan, hope you are feeling less blue...here's to fresh starts and new beginnings!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic dishes!! Thank for share.
Ciao ciao from Italy :-)

Evangeline said...

Wow...the fish are presented really well! Their positions are so lifelike!

obachan said...

No, these were just for decoration, no tasting.
Thanks for the hug. :)

Thanks! Yeah, fresh starts as new life sprouts from the earth in spring, right?

Thanks for visiting. Ciao!

I think so, too. So artistic, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Wow...this looks yummy. What exactly is sawachi?