Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Because I Couldn't Find a Ripe Avocado...

Soybean Tomato Cucumber and Shiso Salad

To be perfectly honest, what I really wanted tonight was avocado and shrimp salad. But I couldn't find a ripe avocado, so I changed my mind and made this salad for my late night supper.

After supper, I found a recipe for honey ginger dressing on the net. Now I'm curious -- really curious.
Maybe tomorrow... ;)



purplecupcake said...

Obachan, I love how you photo your food, makes me wanna make it too! I love how this salad is very refreshing.

Gustad said...

so no shrimp in this dish?
i entered a hot dog eating contest last week it's on my blog if you want to see

obachan said...

Thanks. I like adding shiso (green perilla) leaves to salad like this because it adds a nice, refreshing flavor.

Right. No shrimp. I didn't feel like soybean-and-shrimp combination. BTW, I saw your photos from the hot dog eating contest. What a fun! And those L-O-N-G hot dogs! :O Unbelievable! You know what? You sure have an iron stomach! :D

Donna said...

beautiful salad! I especially like how thin you sliced the cucumbers. Oh, I think I may have to have something similar tomorrow, especially with the weather so warm.

obachan said...

Hi donna,
So nice of you to say that the cucumber slices are thin, but the fact is... some slices are thin, and some are not... ;P
Hope you enjoyed a nice refreshing salad!