Sunday, May 07, 2006

Food Stalls at a Children's Day Event

Just wanted to share the photos of food stalls at a koinobori-related event in a town called Ino-cho. (May 4th, 2006)

Crowded ....

"Aisukurin" - with vanilla, matcha, strawberry, chocolate, soda and yuzu flavors

This is something you find at almost any outside event in Kochi prefecture. The name aisukurin probably came from ice cream, but it's a little different. Aisukurin is more like a cross between an ice cream and sorbet, with a lot lower fat content than ice cream, tasting lighter and refreshing. My favorite is yuzu flavor. ;)

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like ice milk (which is like ice cream but has a much lower fat content).

Deetsa said...

Mmmm... that sounds just lovely! Indeed, anonymous seems to be right. I've had ice milk and it is like a cross between the two. I'd bet I'd like the citrusy yuzu too.

Anonymous said...

I'll have some of each thnks :)

obachan said...

anonymous commenter, nerissa
I honestly didn't know what "ice milk" was until I read your comments. Thanks for the info.
The fat content of our aisukurin is said to be less than 3%, so could be more sorbet-like than ice milk. (They use skimmed milk to make aisukurin.)

clare eats
I want to do that, too. ;)