Monday, June 12, 2006

Look for a Moai...

The chicken and dumplings recipe called for dry sherry, and it gave me a perfect excuse to buy my first bottle of it.

When you want to buy rare (well, rare in Kochi, Japan, at least) imported liquor in Kochi, this is where you should go. As far as I know, they have the best variety of imported liquor in this prefecture. Everything I wanted including Marsala wine was available at this liquor shop. Always.

Usually in the daytime, there’s only an old man or his wife in the shop. What’s impressive is that they always understood the name of the exotic (I mean, for most of the elderly in town) liquor I told them. They never ever looked like “What the hell is that drink you are talking about? I’ve never heard of it.” But to locate the requested liquor in the shop, they always needed to call their son on the cell phone and asked where it was. And they found it. Always.

So if you live in Kochi and occasionally look for imported liquor, remember this place. It’s ”Liquor Gallery IZUMI” on Sangyo doro in Izumi-cho, Kochi city, not too far from HARD-OFF. Look for a big moai statue in front of the shop. (I have no idea why they have moai there... :)

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obachan said...

That must be it. Boy, jonny! You're just too influential! :D