Thursday, June 15, 2006

Weird Combination?

Konatsu and Soy Milk Jelly

Another konatsu dessert with my dad’s konatsu oranges. The top layer is made with freshly squeezed konatsu juice, and the bottom layer with soy milk. Weird combination? I had to make them two-layered instead of just plain konatsu jelly – for esthetic reason :P

The soy milk was seasoned with sugar and some white rum. I thought about adding the liquor to the orange juice, but I finally decided against it because I preferred the fresh taste of konatsu as is.

To me, the combination was not bad at all, honestly. Or…maybe… soy-milk jelly or panna cotta with konatsu sauce might have been a better idea. But I had much more kionatsu juice than soy milk and no cream in the fridge, so I guess this was a good choice in the given circumstance ;)

BTW, do you like these plastic cups? I saved them after we ate store-bought gelatin desserts (coffee jelly and mango jelly) in the office. Yep, the tropical-looking one had mango jelly in.



cookiecrumb said...

It looks fantastic!
Gosh, I might want to try that.
It reminds me that I first started reading your blog about a year ago... You made a wonderful mint/ dumpling dessert; oh, here it is, from August.
You are such an inspiration.

AveQute said...

That looks delicious! :) It doesn't seem like a weird combinations of flavors at all. I saw this recipe for Passion Fruit Gelee, and the presentation I think you could do with your dessert.

The cups are very cute; I wouldn't have thrown them away, either. There's a rice pudding shop I know called Rice to Riches, and they serve everything in hard plastic containers with lids and matching spoons (you can see the packaging on the site), and most people just throw them away!

obachan said...

Thank you. Yeah, I remember that mint/dumpling dessert. I’m going to whip up some unusual desserts this summer again, so stay tuned ;)

Thanks for the links. When I saw the gelee, at first I thought, “How did they do that?!” but now I know the secret, so next time I’ll give it a try. Great idea! :D

Also, I love the Rice to Riches’s site. The flash is cool. Yeah, I would definitely save their cute containers, too.

Anonymous said...


i've been looking all day for a recipe for soy mlik jelly with no success :( care to share you recipe?

thank you!

dmk :D

i just made some almond jelly with soy milk to replace cow's milk but it won't set :( i'm so sad :(

obachan said...

Hello dmk,
I'd be glad to help, but unfortunately I don't remember how much of what I used to make the soy milk jelly. It was something I just improvised without measuring... The instruction on the gelatin powder box says "5g of this gelatin powder makes 250 mL jelly" so I think I used 5g gelatin and 250 mL soy milk. But I have no idea how much sugar I added. I just added it in 2 to 3 times until I thought it was sweet enough for me. And the rum... I can only say "a little."

IIRC, I added the sugar to the soy milk and warmed it briefly just to dissolve the sugar completely. As for the gelatin, I added 50 mL water to the gelatin powder and microwaved it to dissolve, then added to the soy milk and sugar mixture.
Hope this helps (but it may not work because our gelatin powder may not be the same as yours.)