Saturday, July 08, 2006

Garden Report - July 2006 -

OK. Let’s start with disappointments so that I can move upward and finish this post with a positive ending ;)

Dog rose
Dog rose looks really sick, and honestly I’m tired of picking the sick leaves that turned yellow. But I keep doing it because I’m afraid that this plant might die when all leaves turn yellow and fall. Removing sick leaves might slow the spread of the disease… that’s what I’m hoping… but maybe, maybe not??

Another disappointment. Someone is obviously enjoying fresh mizuna salad right here without paying any respect to the caretaker of this plant. How rude! :(

Sweet marjoram and chervil
Sweet marjoram looks OK, except they have all these brown things, but I guess they are just flowers that turned brown, not a disease, right? Anyway I’m going to harvest and dry them now. I read somewhere that they should be harvested at the peak of their bloom, so I guess I waited too long…

Sunshine Blue
Now, this is the highlight of this month. Look! Some of them are turning blue! :D
I’m definitely going to get more blueberries than last year. (And some are looking pretty big!) But the only problem is that I don’t think I can make “fresh” blueberry pancakes with them this year… As you can see, all blueberries on this plant are not going to be ripe at one time, so to get enough berries to make pancakes, I would have to freeze the ones that ripen earlier and wait for the rest to be ready. Thus it will inevitably be “pancakes with frozen blueberries.” Oh well. It just has to go step-by-step, I guess. Last year, I picked three and a half blueberries. This year it will be more than 20, in total. Maybe in 5 years, I will be able to make fresh blueberry shake with the berries from my balcony garden. ;)

A Bee on dill flowers
Another promising look. I’m going to have lots of dill seeds, and with the seeds from last year, I’ll definitely have enough for making pickles.

Chima sanchu
And chima sanchu is doing fine. Hey! Yakiniku dinner is coming soon! :D

Yes, my mom’s neighbor did not lie. I see an oblong tomato growing. Stay tuned for the progress of my dry tomato project this summer!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Those were some nice looking blueberries... and a lot of the other plants at the end looked really nice and green. Ah, those chima sanchu...

Valentina said...

How exciting.I wish I had room to plant soem stuff around here apart from basil.

obachan said...

You know what? I just picked the first harvest of my blueberries and put them in a Ziploc bag and then in the freezer. : )

Well, you’ll see what happened to those chima sanchu in the next post… :(

Growing herbs are definitely exciting, isn't it? I guess some herbs can grow in a real tiny container, so hope you can get one of those and enjoy growing herbs more.

JMom said...

What a collection of plants you have! I love watching our garden grow too. Everything is growing well in mine except the chervil for some reason. It must not like this southern heat or something. LOL! re. the blueberries.... you have the patience of a monk to wait five years for a blueberry shake! :-D

Evil Jonny said...

Kirei! I'm so envious of your blueberry bush.. I'm going to try and find one too. Good job!

obachan said...

I'm sure you're harvesting beautiful vegetables from your garden now. I wish I could have a real garden here instead of these plastic planters from 100-yen shop.
Patience of a monk? Mmm... or maybe it's more like a long-term greed? ;)

Evil Jonny
Go for it! I'm sure you'll love it. :D