Friday, October 13, 2006

Goodies from Paris!!

A "French" Package from LPC

It finally arrived today! :D
Yes, I got a package from one of my fellow bloggers, LPC of La petite chinoise. A “French” package with 5 food (or food-related) items! Can you imagine how excited I am?

She kindly thought about me when she was shopping for her package for EBBP#6, and sent me one, too. On a lovely picture card, she wrote a detailed explanation of each item. (The picture was a work by Marc Chagall, BTW. I should have shown that side of the post card in the photo.)

Here's the list of the goodies she sent me:
Fleur de Sel de Guerande … High quality “finishing” salt. I just took a lick, and YES! It is totally different from the mass-produced salt we have here. It’s mild and very tasty, and yeah I can definitely tell that it was handpicked by women only. ;)

Maille Mustard… Mustard? Really? It’s pink! And I see the illustration of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry on the label. But after tasting it, I’m fully convinced that it is mustard. I love this taste!

Hand/tea towel…You triggered something very dangerous in me, LPC. You wrote that French people wrap breads with this kind of towels. Now I’m picturing myself baking French baggetts at home and wrapping them with this tea towel. Let’s see what happens. (Maybe next week…)

Jasmin Fruit Concassees…I’m tempted to use this for some kind of fish dish.

Langue de Chat… Oh, this is so good. So soft and smooth… and looks so cute! I already ate two of them. And I’m definitely keeping this can.

This package really made my day. Last year, I did have a couple of offers of package exchange, but could not go for it because I was rather financially tight then. Now I’m making a little more money than last year, so I decided to give it a go this time. And I’m so glad that I did. I almost forgot the excitement of receiving something from abroad, but this package from Paris reminded me of that wonderful feeling.

Thank you LPC for all these goodies! :D
(Her post about my package is here, if you are interested.)



Anonymous said...

wonderful! enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Salut Obachan,
So glad the package arrived safely and that you like it!
I'm happy to share some of my favourite French things with you. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with the mustard and baking bread (bread blog day is this coming Mon 16th Oct). Someday, you'll have to come visit Paris. ;-p
Bon appetite,

Anne said...

Oh congratulations. Isn't it great to receive foodstuff from another country?! I have that salt at home and absolutely love it.

Lysithea said...

That's wonderful Obachan! Hope to see more new stuffs you be cooking up! :)

Pip said...

Oh, it's great to receive this stuff from abroad, especially food! Whenever you want to try some goodies from Italy, just let me know! :)

obachan said...

Thanks! I will. :)

Thank you so much, lpc. Your goodies definitely brightened up my culinary life.
I cannot make it for the bread blog day, but I’ll try it sometime (maybe next weekend). And I really want to visit Paris someday. ;)

It sure is great! So glad to hear that you have that salt, too.

I’m sure I’ll be making something with this mustard pretty soon. It is so very tempting!

Yes, it’s absolutely great to receive food stuff. I can enjoy it by seeing it, smelling it AND tasting it!
Thanks for your offer of package exchange. I’d love to try Italian food stuff someday, too -- something that I cannot find at the import food shop around here. I’ll contact you when I’m ready to go for another package exchange. ;)