Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sweet Seasons / October 2006 - Chrysanthemum -


I know. I cheated. Today is not October 31st, but I need to have a wagashi entry on the last day of every month, so please forgive me.

This wagashi is another nerikiri with a beautiful color gradation. The color on the surface is lighter pink, and redder pink inside is showing through the cuts.

* Click to enlarge

It is said that in the past, it was a taboo to make chrysanthemum-shaped wagashi with 16 petals, because it is the emblem of the Japanese royal family. It may not be true any more because… Now I can see the readers of my blog putting their fingers (or mouse cursors) on the above photo and going 1, 2, 3… ;)

* Wabashi by Shingetsu



Anonymous said...

Your wagashis are always so beautiful, perfect eye candy! Thank you for posting them.

Anonymous said...

I love chrysanthemums. I remember the last time I was in japan years ago my aunt took me to the temple where there was a huge exhibit of chrysanthemums in the fall. My father's friend who has a Japanese restaurant in Chicago used to use the leaves in tempura - I really liked that. That seems hard to find.

obachan said...

Thank you, but let me emphasize that I didn't make this wagashi. I always buy wagashi for my sweet seasons entries. Please admire the professional works ;)

Yeah, those chrysanthemum exhibits are always so fabulous. I’ve been to one in Kyoto, and it was just amazing. BTW, I didn’t know that chrysanthemum leaves were edible! But I can imagine they can be good as tempura… just like shungiku tempura… or maybe stronger-tasting than shungiku??? Thanks for sharing.

e said...

I had no idea wagashi came in so many different forms. Are fish cake shapes as variable? You have the best blog, but it always makes me so hungry!

Anonymous said...

how beautiful! i didn't know about wagashi, but i am going to find what it is thanks to the internet!

Anonymous said...

Ne, Obachan: wagashi wa totemo kireii desu! I haven't been to Japan in ages and I've always liked autumn/winter sweets. This one was particularly beautiful. I hope the flavor was just as lovely. =^w^=

Gustad said...

nice knife work

Chubbypanda said...

Oooh... Pretty...

- Chubbypanda

obachan said...

Oh, they do. And I’m just showing one tiny part of it. Fish cakes come in many different forms, too, but I guess not as much as wagashi do.

auntie jo
Enjoy your net search. :)

Kirei desho? This wagashi tasted good -- so smooth and silky.

Actually it is a small wooden spatula that they use to make these cuts.
Oh, are you talking about the last photo?

Yes… Pretty…. :)