Wednesday, November 22, 2006

揚げ物 Agemono (Deep-fried Dish)

Shrimp coated with cornmeal, Salmon and shiso (perilla) roll, String beans, Eggplant, Shimeji mushrooms, Lotus root chip, Kabocha squash, Ginkgo nut, Ginkgo sweet potato

This used to be my basic tempura batter recipe. When I was making kakiage, I used 55 g flour as in this recipe, and when making regular tempura, I increased the amount of flour to 60 or 65 g.

This time I tried something new to make crispy tempura -- I added rice flour and baking powder to the batter and didn’t use egg yolk. The result was not bad in terms of crispiness… but I think the batter tastes better with egg yolk.

Tempura is often served with grated daikon and a lemon wedge in addition to the tentsuyu dipping sauce, but I prefer sudachi to lemon.

BTW, before shooting the photo on top of this entry, I played around quite a bit putting the brown sprig here and there. I finally decided this was the best because I liked the shadow of the sprig on the white paper.

I think these bamboo sieve, brown sprig, ginkgo sweet potato and ginkgo nut look very nice and autumny together. This is my favorite shot.