Wednesday, November 22, 2006

焼き物 Yakimono (Broiled Dish)

チダイ西京焼き Chidai saikyo-yaki
Broiled crimson sea bream marinated in miso (soybean paste)

As you probably know, I love grilled fish marinated in miso. Last year I tried it with yuzu-moromi miso, but this time I used shiromiso (white miso) to make Saikyo yaki. I heard that the name came from Saikyo miso, a kind of white miso that has very mild saltiness. Because of its mild taste, the miso is said to better preserve the good flavor of the fish marinated in it. I agree. This was just oh so HEAVENLY…

Some saikyo-yaki recipes tell you to simply marinate fish fillet in white miso, while others require an extra procedure for making miso more flavorful. It is adding sake and mirin to miso and stirring well over a low heat. Of course, I'm a strong believer of the sake-and-mirin method.

Here's a close-up. See the part with browned miso and imagine the wonderful aroma.




Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful site. I lived in Tokyo in 1980 and loved it.

obachan said...

Hi R.S.Buck,
Thanks for visiting. You were in Tokyo in 1980? Wow...
Come visit my site whenever you miss Japan (though where I live is far away from Tokyo...)