Monday, February 19, 2007

Crispy and Creamy Doughnuts

Crispy and Creamy Doughnuts

I've never made yeast doughnuts before, but to my surprise, my very first attempt turned out GREAT! :D
Though there were a couple of negative reviews, I think this recipe is excellent.

Today I didn't glaze them, but next time I'll definitely go for it. Mmmmm....
(The bigger ones in the photo were filled with pastry cream.)



Unknown said...

Funny, I had the urge to make Berliner (jam filled yeast donuts dusted with powdered sugar) this weekend.

It's close to Fasching (Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, etc). When I was a student in Germany, the bakeries in Germany are usually filled with them around this time of year, sometimes really cheap if you buy them after four pm or so. So I had a craving.

It turns out I was too lazy to do the preparation last night... I should have started the dough at night and retarded it in the refrigerator. Maybe next weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Oishi sou! (Hope I wrote that right)... Anyway they look delicious... your food always looks so delicious on the pictures I sometimes wish I could take it of the screen. :)

mariko said...

Those look delicious!

Chubbypanda said...

They look good! What did you fill them with? I like custard or red bean paste. Once I got a little crazy and mixed custard with red bean paste. Bliss!

ghanima said...

Oh, obachan! I wish you hadn't posted this picture -- I ended up grabbing doughnuts on my way home last night, you incited such a craving!

moorl said...
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moorl said...

they're voluptuous! i can hear them say "don't eat us because we're gorgeous" :PP

that one in the front is esp. plump:D

obachan said...

Woooooo, jam filled yeast doughnuts sounds so yummy. That must be related to your precious memories of your days in Germany. Enjoy the doughnuts next weekend! :D

Yeah, that Japanese is perfect. Thanks for the compliment. Very often, though, my food looks much better than it tastes. :P

Thank you. : )

I filled most of them with pastry cream. Custard with red bean paste sounds good. In fact I saw an anpan filled with custard, whipped cream and red bean paste the other day, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be in doughnuts.

Hahaha… sorry, it’s all my fault. Maybe one of these days I’ll post a work-out exercise to make up. ;)

Yep! And those plump ones were so crispy on the outside and creamy inside… Mmmmm..!!