Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sawachi Festival in Kochi

Gorgeous sawachi dishes on display. Yes, this is the same local event as this one, but more dishes this time.

Enjoy! (Click photos to enlarge.)
OK, here’s some additional information I found on the net about this event.
All these dishes are not fake – they are made with real ingredients. But they are not seasoned at all because they are made for display purpose only, not for eating. Also they are brushed (sprayed?) with some kind of chemical liquid to prevent drying out, so they are not edible. Yeah, in a sense, it’s a big waste. But I would feel sad if they would quit this festival for that reason… This extravagance does cheer us up and attract tourists.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those dishes are in-cre-di-ble!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us...

Anonymous said...

What a spread! Pardon my ignorance, are these edible or just for display :O

Chubbypanda said...

Wow! They're so pretty!

How do they taste?

Kazmic said...

Such beautiful colours? What is the festival for?

Jennifer T. said...

Wow! Fantastic photos. I really enjoy reading your blog, obachan, especially the posts about Kochi. I lived there for a year teaching English. It's such a beautiful place to live, being so near the mountains and ocean.

It brings back a lot of good memories.

(Des Moines, Iowa, USA)

Anonymous said...

wowza! It's truly a work of art!
By the look of these dishes, Kochi must be near sea side. What's your favorite sea food?

shigatsuhana said...

Looking at those lovely photos makes me very hungry! ;)

obachan said...

They were a great treat to the eyes. Really.

Oh, no, that’s not ignorance. That’s exactly what many visitors wanted to know, too. I’ll add the explanation to the post.

The taste. That’s exactly the point. I’ll add that to the post.

It’s a tourist attraction and also a good chance for the chefs of local leading restaurants to compete in their skills and creativity. And the display is held in a local shopping arcade every year, so it attracts visitors and contributes to the sales of the shops around.

Thank you and hey, we might have seen each other while you were in Kochi. : )

Yep, Kochi is near the ocean and famous for seared bonito. We have what we call Tosa-maki zushi here, which is basically seared bonito strips, shiso and garlic slices rolled in sushi. That’s my favorite. :D

Yeah, don’t they look gorgeous?

Unknown said...

I was thinking that the plates are so pretty that I would want to eat it all, BUT I don't want to eat any because the plates are so pretty!

obachan said...

To us these look gorgeous and pretty, but I can't help wondering if some people see these as grose or brutal...especially those fish with their heads and tails and their body cut open, showing the flesh sliced up...