Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hospital Meals - Part 1 - Before Surgery

OK. It's time to share my food-related adventures(?!) at the hospital. ;)

Above are the eating utensils I had bought at our famous Daiso 100-yen shop and brought to the hospital. Yeah, many Japanese hospitals (if not all) ask inpatients to bring their own chopsticks. I wonder if it’s the same in other Asian countries with chopstick culture.

Lunch (May 9th)

Tata~! This was my lunch on the first day at the hospital -- my very first hospital meal. I liked it.

Breakfast (May 10th??) . What's behind the miso soup bowl is a small paper carton of milk. Calcium-rich meal, indeed, but what was the yuzu-miso in the plastic bag for???

Dinner (I forgot which day). I liked all the side dishes on this tray, but the canned orange tasted the best, to be perfectly honest.

Oh, I forgot to tell you this: You see the partition in this pink tray? They put all warm dishes on the left side of the partition and cold dishes on the right. And I don't know exactly how, but the warm-dish side of the tray was kept warm and the cold side was kept cold. (The milk in the above breakfast photo was originally on the right side of the tray.)

The meals didn't taste as bad as I had expected from what I had heard about "hospital meals" in general (though I found their thick miso soup with sweet potatoes and leek rather unorthodox and vinegared dish a bit too sour), and I thought I’d be perfectly OK with the food there.
How innocent I was...

And on the first night, I enjoyed my home-made oatmeal raisin cookies as I read the printout of your comments to this blog. It really helped. Thank you again for your support. :)



Plume said...
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Plume said...

Well, it looks better than any european hospital meal I ever saw...
But I suppose there is more to come, from what you say ;-)

Anonymous said...

Agree with Plume... when I was in hospital I ate the worst food on earth... everyday the same thing.... bleh. It looks like they take better care of their patients over there concerning food. :)

Anonymous said...

Working in a hospital myself, I am amazed at the care taken to make your meals look so pleasing. Our meals are rather unappealing and generic. It looks as though much care is taken to even place the food in an orderly and neat manner.....sure glad it tasted good, too

obachan said...

Actually I’ve heard a couple of people from other countries saying the same thing about Japanese hospital food, but I thought they were being polite. But anyway, yes, there’s more to tell you.

Oh, really? I can’t imagine… Maybe they’re doing it on purpose so that patients recover quickly to leave the hospital ASAP?

Yeah, I truly loved the cute bowls with lids they use for warm dishes. :)

Anonymous said...

Your hospital meal loks so much better than Canadian hospital food for sure. Actually it looks better than what I usually feed myself.LOL:)

Anonymous said...

Probably.... maybe they have improved since then. :)

obachan said...

The hospital staff would be very happy to hear that but I'm a bit worried about your diet. :)

Yeah, maybe.