Friday, June 22, 2007

Fruit Cocktail Cake

Fruit Cocktail Cake

It's been a long time... maybe more than 7 years? ... since I made this cake last time. That time I used a recipe from an American friend of mine, and now I can't find it anywhere. This is the recipe I used today. Very sweet and moist. The flavor of evaporated milk makes me go Mmmmmm.... (Too bad I overbaked the cake a little. :P)



Anonymous said...

Makes me hungry....... :)

obachan said...

Makes me sugar high. ;)

JT said...

I want to try that recipe! do u think the topping is necessary? i dont like butter.

obachan said...

Hi missy-j,
I guess the cake will be sweet enough even without the topping, but personally I liked the flavor of evaporated milk very much.

Unknown said...

very intrigued by this cake, obachan! i will try soon.
it seems so retro, therefore chic!
i imagine my ma would have made this in the, ahem, 60's?!!

obachan said...

I thought this was "retro," too, for some reason. (I don't know why.)
Hope you enjoyed this cake. ;)