Saturday, July 14, 2007

Buta no Misozuke Yaki

Buta no misozuke yaki (Grilled pork marinated in miso)

The wind and rain are getting worse outside as the typhoon MAN-YI approaches. It's going to ruin our whole weekend.

This was my dinner last night. Tonight I might be enjoying my dinner in the candle light. Romantic, ha? The thing is, though, the air-conditioner would probably be off then.



Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan! Looks delicious. Getting windy there? Here is only slightly windy, but is raining. I guess in Osaka we are lucky that Shikokku blocks most of the typhoons, although this one seems to be heading this way. Stay safe!

obachan said...

Hi Lucas,
Looks like foodbloggers in the western half of Japan got rained in this weekend and spending a lot of time bloghopping? ;)
I just got back from the post office... I walked through the rain and the wind. The storm is not extremely terrible here yet, but getting worse. My herbs are in the bathroom now.Yeah, I'll try to stay safe, thank you. And same to you, too.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you guys down in Shikoku. Hope you are all safe. I have never experienced a typoon before in my life. We have no extreme weather here in Vancouver. Just very hot and dry up to 30 degrees! Love your pork marinated in miso. Did you use red or white miso? I'd like to try it myself.

K and S said...

Ooh, misozuke pork, I've never had pork this way. I'm having shogayaki tonight. I hope the electricity stays on for you, candlelight might be fun, but no a/c would not. Stay safe.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A nice dish! That pork looks yummy!

Good luck with the typhoon and stay safe...

Anonymous said...

take care of your herbs....

obachan said...

Thanks. We servived with no serious damage in my neighborhood.
As for miso, I used regular miso, but white miso would be safer, I guess.

K & S
Hi. Typhoon was not as bad as I had thought. We expected it to land on my hometown, but it oddly avoided the Muroto cape.

Ah! Shogayaki. That's my favorite dish, if not the most favorite. I have to post about it sometime this summer.

Thanks. We survived the typhoon and hope it doesn't happen too often this summer...

Yeah, now they are safely put back on the balcony. I REALLY hope that I don't have to do it too often this summer (but looks like we are going to have more typhoon than last year...).

OkiHwn said...

Sure would appreciate a recipe!

obachan said...

Hi Okihwn,
Sorry, I didn't measure anything this time... I added "a little" mirin (rice wine) to white miso and heated it over very low heat until glossy. Then I cooled the miso paste and marinated the pork in it overnight. The amount of miso was just enough to cover both sides of the meat in a ziploc bag. That was all... (Oh, and I sprinkled a little sake all over before marinating the pork.)
Hope this helps.