Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Teatime with Healthy Cookies

Oatmeal Maple Cookies

These are what I would call "guilt-free cookies" because the recipe (in Japanese) does not call for sugar, egg or butter. Yep, using maple syrup and vegetable oil (I used canola) is the key. These cookies are pretty crunchy and the maple syrup gives them very nice, rich sweetness enhanced by a pinch of salt.

To make it easier to handle, I reduced the amount of oatmeal and flour just a little. To add an extra crunchiness, I replaced 10% of the amount of the flour with corn starch. Now I’m wondering how it would turn out if I used rice flour in place of the corn starch.

These cookies didn’t knock me out at the first bite, but when I finished eating one whole piece, the pleasant aftertaste of maple syrup made me want another piece, and one more … and ...
Oh, come on-- No butter, no egg, and maple syrup instead of sugar. Why would I stop?



Pinkity said...

Obachan! My cookies always turn out flat and chewy instead of domelike and crunchy.. any tips on that?

ChroniclesofChaos said...

As usual, I translated the page and it seems it uses 60gm of oat and 60gm of flour? That's so little! Or did the translation NOT work? hehe


obachan said...

Sorry, I'm no expert and I have no clue. Does that happen all the time no matter what kind of cookies you're making?

Yes, it's 60 g oatmeal and 60 g whole wheat cake flour. You're perfectly right!

Anonymous said...

Obachan, thanks for sharing the choco cake recipe =).

Is there anyway to make maple syrup at home? I study in Russia, and they dun sell maple syrup there.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great looking cookies! I love that kind of healthy treat...

Unknown said...

LOL, cookies always make people want more! Also, I await a blog post about your blueberries. This year, we have had such a big drought, and we have no blueberries. I went to my super secret berry patch, and I nearly cried. There were lovely flowers on all the bushes, but they were brown and burnt from the sun and no rain. :(

K and S said...

these sound great!

Anonymous said...

These healthy cookies are great! I'll try the recipe. I always add maple syrup in my tea and it does give it that not too sweet after taste. Looking forward for your blueberry recipe. In fact my mother just went and brought some for our desserts.

obachan said...

Hi. Hope you liked the chocolate cake recipe.
Make maple syrup at home? Mmmm… I’m not sure but you might have to start from growing a maple tree…

Rosa’s yummy yums
I had been looking for recipes of low-cal, low-fat cookies to nibble on at work (nighttime job), and found this one. Now I have a secret cookie can in the drawer of my desk, 2nd one from the top. ;)

My blueberries! Yeah, there’s only two left on my sunshine blue bush now, and I’m going to pick them this weekend. Let’s see… What can I make with them? My berries will be around 20 in total, I guess, and I already made blueberry muffins last year, so… Maybe small blueberry tarts this year?

K & S
Oh, hi! Nice to hear from you. : )

You see, with this limited number of berries, I can’t afford to fail. Ahhhh… I feel so much pressure!

Anonymous said...

miam, joli biscuits!!

obachan said...

Merci !