Friday, August 31, 2007

Sweet Seasons / August 2007 - Streams -

Another "cool" theme for this terribly hot summer. Doesn't this kanten jelly (right) remind you of the clear water bubbling over rocks?

The light-blue colored wagashi can be translated as molded sugar cakes. They are made by moistening the mixture of special fine sugar and special rice flour, and pressing it into a wooden mold.

Since they are such simple wagash, the quality and taste of the sugar is crucial. No one would want to enjoy tea (either black or green) licking two tablespoons of glanurated sugar. To be a truly enjoyable dessert, this type of sugar cakes must elegantly melt in your mouth, leaving refreshing light sweetness on your tongue.

And to me, it was amazing how such simple and truly good taste can enhance the most subtle flavoring added to it. See the black sesame seeds on one of the sugar cakes? Just two grains. But these tiny grains of sesame seed totally changed the taste of this wagashi, which was so impressive.

I'll write more about the special sugar used for wagashi sometime soon.

* Wagashi by Shingetsu



Anonymous said...

Those look really really good. O_O