Monday, September 10, 2007

No, This is Not Tofu

Soy Milk Jelly with Kiwi Fruit Sauce

Did you think that Obachan went nuts and poured kiwi fruit sauce over Morinyu tofu? No, not yet. I haven't gone that far ... at least at this point. ;)

This is all because of a cheap kiwi fruit I bought today. It was sour -- so terribly SOUR! I got mad and immediately chopped up the fruit and threw it in a saucepan with bunch of sugar, a little water and sherry to make sauce. Then I thought, "How about panna cotta with kiwi sauce?" Doesn't it sound like a decent dessert? But when I opened the fridge, I found that the milk was expired. The only alternative was soy milk. Hence... this invention (if I may call it an invention. :P)

The jelly did not taste like real panna cotta, and I didn't think the flavor of the soy milk made a perfect match with the kiwi. Still, the dessert was bearable, but I don't think I'm going to make this again. Haha...

And I still have some kiwi sauce left.
... Another tart, maybe??



Anonymous said...

even if it wasn't that great it certainly looks yummy!

I've never had a kiwi tart so I'll be looking forward to seeing one here =D

Violet said...

I hate when I buy delicious looking fruit and it turns out not tasting right. Kiwi jam sounds interesting!

Chubbypanda said...

What if you marinated the tofu in sugar syrup first? =)

obachan said...

Thanks but sorry, I used up the kiwi sauce before making a tart with it :P

Oh, I feel the same way about being disappointed with fruits. Especially we need to be more careful when buying imported ones here because they must be shipped before ripening.

Would you like to give it a try? ;)

Jason Truesdell said...

I had a very nice tounyuu pudding with matcha sauce at a shop in Omotesandou a few months ago...

As for kiwi sauce, perhaps it's good with fried camembert.

Slightly expired (sour but nut scary-smelling) milk is good in cakes; just follow a recipe that would normally contain yogurt, buttermilk or sour cream. And there's nothing wrong with a little fruit sauce on slices of pound cake...

obachan said...

Hi Jason,
The tonyuu pudding on your blog looks so yummy. Matcha (and azuki) must make a good accompaniment with tonyuu. Kiwi sauce with fried camembert sounds like an interesting combination.

And thanks very much for your advice on the use of slightly expired milk. Mmmmm... it is helpful, but it takes some courage to try... ;)