Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sweet Seasons / September 2007 - Hasami giku -


If I’m not mistaken, making this chrysanthemum-shaped wagashi is one of the tasks of grade-1 skill test for wagashi confectioners in Japan. This piece of art is called “hasami (scissors) - giku (chrysanthemum),” and as its name indicates, it clearly shows how skillfully the confectioner can use the scissors. There seem to be certain rules about how many rows of how many petals (maybe usually 20 petals?) have to be made.

The dough is nerikiri dough, and the special scissors look like these (scroll down). It must take a lot of effort to make the petals beautifully and evenly, adjusting their size properly so that each row has 20 petals… That is something I can never do.

At this wagashi shop, they usually don’t have hasami-giku on display, but you can call them and place a pre-order. Ever since I found out about that, I had been wanting to get one, and I finally did so today. This elaborate wagashi was twice as expensive as the ones I usually buy to post about on this blog, but it was worth it. :)

*Wagashi by Shingetsu



K and S said...


cookiecrumb said...

Well, thank you!

obachan said...

K & S
Yeah, great work.

For posting about this? I really wanted to share this traditional skill with the whole world, so I'm happy now. :)

Piccola said...

hasami-giku is beautiful.. I can see it takes a lot of effort and skills just to make it.

this wagashi shop, it's the same as the one that sells higashi? i love the taste of higashi :D