Sunday, October 28, 2007

Looks Like They Loved My Cookies

The last piece of my pumpkin cookies ...

Yep, I baked the pumpkin cookies for the Halloween event yesterday. Actually, so many unexpected things happened during the week before the party and I got so extremely terribly busy -- to the point that it was almost killing me, honestly. But I couldn't give up on the idea of baking the cute cookies, and I did bake them.

I'm so happy to tell you that at the party, my cookies disappeared relatively quickly and I even got positive comments from a couple of moms. :D

Oh, the twists added to the original recipe? To give the cookies more flavor, I replaced apx. 1/5 of the amount of flour with almond powder and about 1/5 of the white sugar with brown sugar. I also added good amount of vanilla extract and a little cinnamon, too. It worked well... I think. The only thing was that the cookies turned out flatter this time, so they looked more like flowers than tiny pumpkins... But they were moister and tastier than before, which I liked very much.

And it was amazing how great I felt to see kids eating what I baked. Believe it or not, this was my first time since I started this blog that I saw any kid eating what I baked. Gosh, it felt sooooooooooooooo good! Kids munching on my cookies!

Now I'm so very much tempted to persuade the boss to let us do a gingerbread-house making project for the Christmas event. I don't mind baking gingerbread slabs at home and donating them. And, yeah, how about letting kids decorate pre-baked gingerbread people? (But maybe cleaning-up would be a nightmare ... ?? I'd better be careful because I will be the one to do the cleaning.)



K and S said...

that is wonderful! good job!

Fiona said...

Ahh, excellenté! ^_^

I'm glad to hear your pumpkin cookies went down a storm -- and thank you for letting us know what adjustments you made; I've not had a chance to make the cookies, myself, yet (though I do have the ingredients on hand -- I bought something that looks rather like a kabocha -- it's small, green and pumpkin shaped, but we'll wait and see what happens), so your adjustments will, I'm sure, be helpful. Thank you so much. =D

And: ooooo! Gingerbread! Mmmmmmmm.... ^___^ Best of luck with that if you get the go-ahead.


Jo said...

When my son was in preschool, I made 10 dozen gingerbread boys and girls for the class. Each child was able to make their family minus pets. I made 4 batches of the dough over the course of a week, forming discs that I placed in my freezer. The weekend before I had precut sheets of parchment paper, and just began cutting and baking. At the time I only had two cookie pans, and a very small kitchen. It became quite an effort but worth it. Using plastic wrap or food bags, stack several cookies in each bag, and place them in a box to transport. We used raisins, licorice strings, chocolate chips, pretzel sticks, and many tubes of gel icing. Since these were 4 year olds, we had them using math, by handing out pennies to each child and pricing each decoration. The children had a lot of fun, and walked away with many cookies. Make sure you have plenty of disposable plates and plastic wrap for the children to take home their cookies.

Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog! the chan-chan yaki looks so delish! :) x m

Ian said...

Glad your cookies were popular, wish I had been there to try them:)
I have finally put pictures of Yosakoi on my blog, damn I am getting lazy:)
Misa says Hi

child-prodigy said...

That's great everything went well during the party!

Yes, definitely having some sort of Gingerbread display and activities would definitely be great and fun at the same time.

Chubbypanda said...

Awww... It shouldn't be a surprise, though. Kids love cookies and your food always looks great.

Eva said...

No surprise they were all eaten as they were delicious cookies! I used a n online translator to get get the recipe and made up what I didn't understand and they turned out great.

Anonymous said...

yay! obachan, i'm happy that your pumpkin cookies were a success! ^^ i think the gingerbread house is a fun idea, but maybe a little complicated?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the cookies were a hit. as for the twists, they definitely sound like they would make them taste better.

Good luck with the Christmas event!

obachan said...

K & S
Thank you. It was worth giving a try.

Mmmmm, I'm curious about the pumpkin you have. We'll see...
Gingerbread will definitely be a big challenge, but I'm so tempted now...

Wow, sounds like it was quite a work. I'm sure you enjoyed it so much. And thanks for your advice. It'd be really nice if the kids would love my cookies and take them home.

Anonymous commenter
Oh, thank you. That's my favorite dish. :)

Hey, I saw your pix. They are really great! (Especially the ones at the beach.) Hope to see you guys again. PLS say Hi to Misa-san.

Thanks. I'll definitely post about it if this gingerbread project gets a "go-ahead."

Yeah, but there were so many store-bought goodies, and I wasn't sure if the kids would be OK with the (slight) cinnamon taste.

So happy to hear that you had a success. Wasn't it so much fun to insert pumpkin seeds on top of the cookies? For me it was the best part.

I was thinking about making the house myself and letting kids decorate it by putting colorful candies/cookies/chocolate chips on the icing. But I really don't know if this would be possible of not.
.... I wish I had my own kids... Then I wouldn't need anyone's permission to make gingerbread house with them... Oh well. :P

Thanks. :)

Makoto said...

Well done on your success with the "pumpkin cookies". Very creative with your recipes I must say.
And the Gingerbread project seems like a lot of fun, so good luck with it! ^^

obachan said...

Hi Makoto,
Thanks. The baking fairy inside of me is anxiously waiting for the next chance... ;)