Saturday, November 10, 2007

Baked Apples on a Beautiful Autumn Afternoon

Baked Apples

Yeah, the weather was gorgeous today. Maybe that's why so many people decided to go picnicking with store-bought bento. And maybe that's why we had to work like hell at the bento shop today. What amused us was three fire trucks that came and stayed in front of the supermarket right across the street from our shop. We saw no smoke, no fire, and had no idea what the fire trucks were doing there, but anyway, they certainly got attention from everyone.

I came home around 2:30 pm, exhausted. But the afternoon was still so beautiful, and I felt like shooting some photos of autumny dessert in the afternoon sunlight...

... and of course eating the dessert!
You know, I just wanted to be one of those who enjoyed the gorgeous Saturday today.

And the baked apples were soooooooooooooo good with vanilla ice cream. :D

Well, these photos are the evidence that one can work at a bento shop both Saturday and Sunday mornings (actually until 2 pm and 3 pm) and still enjoy the weekend.
(But I won't mind enjoying a gorgeous weekend WITHOUT working at the bento place. Oh, I won't mind it AT ALL!!)

BTW, are you wondering why those cinnamon sticks are looking so big? It's not the sticks -- It's the apples. They are tiny apples called "hime-ringo (princess apples?)" here. Cute, ha?



Anonymous said...

the firemen were having bento, of course.

K and S said...


Tony said...


What a lovely recipe :-) Also, you blog is very interesting. I will be using other recipies from there!

Anonymous said...

Those apples are so small and cute! Near my parent's house in California, in the mountains, there is a city called "Oak Glen" that is full of apple farms. They have the best, delicious, fresh and beautiful varieties of apples. AND apple juice/cider! These baked apples look delicious! I really want to make this too!

Anonymous said...


obachan said...

Oh, sure. It was a perfect day for eating lunch outside. :D
Actually, what I heard on the next day was that someone living behind the supermarket tried to call an ambulance, and something was messed up.

K & S

I'm glad that you found my blog interesting. And I admire your courage to try the recipes on my blog. ;) hahaha... Good luck!

Oak Glen sounds familiar. Gee... it must be a beautiful place! I wish I could be there when the apples are blooming and when it's time to harvest.

Mama bok
Thanks! :)

Pip said...

Oh, these apples looks delicious, I think I'm going to bake some, too! :P
Princess apples is a delicious name, by the way!

obachan said...

Hi Pip,
Hope you enjoyed your baked apples.
Yeah, I think the name is pretty cute, too. :)

Chanita Harel חני הראל said...

Wonderful !
I think it's the most easy to do dessert , great photos :-)

Unknown said...

it looks delicious! can i have the recipe for it??

obachan said...

Thank you. :) (But it did take some time to core these apples with a small knife...)

Oh, I didn't use any recipe for this. All I did was just filling the cored apples with butter, sugar and cinnamon, and I didn't measure any of the ingredients. :P Sorry.