Friday, December 21, 2007

One Last Push for Menu for Hope 4

You ought to see this!
Click on this link and see how much we raised so far. It already surpassed last year's record: $60,925.12, and now it's over $80,000 !!!
I'm really excited. Are you?

If you didn't know about this campaign, don't worry. It's still not too late. Looks like bids are accepted through this weekend. (Right, Pim?) * Go to Chez Pim to find out how many hours are left to bid!

Don't forget to check out the photos from Lesotho, Africa posted on her site. The fund raised by this campaign will be used to support the school lunch program there. The photos will give you some idea of what kind of place it is.

Check out the full round-up of the prizes, as well as the regional round-up. And please take a look at the prize I'm donating this year from Kochi, Japan. I'd be very happy if you would buy raffle ticket(s) for my prize, but no matter whose prize you choose, your donation will bring food to kids in Africa, and that's what's important. Isn't it great that so many people all over the world can cooperate like this? ;)