Monday, December 10, 2007

Recipes with Yuzu Miso

Pork Cutlet with Yuzu miso and Shiso

......................................... INGREDIENTS
Thinly sliced Pork, 2 slices per serving
Salt and pepper to taste
Yuzu miso
Shiso (green perilla) leaves
1 egg beaten
all purpose flour
panko (bread crumbs)
vegetable oil for deep frying

Pound the pork slices to make them thin and tender. Season with salt and pepper (both sides). Spread yuzu miso on one slice and place shiso leaves on top. Spread a little yuzu miso on them and place another pork slice on top. Thoroughly coat the surface with flour and shake off the excess. Dip in beaten egg, then coat with bread crumbs. Deep-fry in vegetable oil until golden brown.

* If the sliced pork is thick, I don't recommend sandwiching the miso and shiso with two slices, because it would take too long to be done.
This alternative method may work:
Use only one slice for one serving. Spread yuzu miso on the slice and cover carefully with shiso leaves. It is better that miso is now showing from underneath the leaves.) Bread carefully and deep-fry. I guess you can't help a little miso oozing out while deep-frying anyway, but don't worry too much about it. The meat should be done before all the miso would ooze out (hopefully). ;P


K and S said...

ooh I think I have some yuzu miso in the fridge, should give this a try.

obachan said...

Oh Kat,this is the must. I know many people make tonkatsu with shiso and ume paste, and that is my favorite, too, but THIS IS special. The moment you cut the yuzu-shiso tonkatsu, the wonderful yuzu aroma will make you go "Mmmmmm....!!!" I mean it. ;)