Monday, June 02, 2008

Spiced Lingonberry Cake -- Obachan's Version

Jams from Finland :)

I don’t know how many times I have repeated this on my blog, but blogging has truly broadened my horizons. Not only it has increased my culinary knowledge, but it gave me chances to taste some foods that I can never buy in this rural city in Japan, even by ordering online. This time it was these jams. I got these jams several weeks ago from someone in Finland who I came to know through blogging.

Spiced Lingonberry Cake - Obachan's Version -

Actually we do have lingonberries in northern part of Japan, and I have tasted lingonberry jam once before when a friend of mine gave me a tiny jar of it as a souvenir. I loved the jam very much, but it was such a small amount and it looked obviously expensive, so all I could do was spreading it very thinly on my toast several mornings. Using it for cooking/baking was totally out of question.

But this time, given this large jar of much tastier lingonberry jam from Finland, I felt no hesitation. ;) The night I received these jams, I made a dish which was sort of like mock “Swedish meatballs” and enjoyed it with generous amount of this lingonberry jam. (Sorry, no photos.) Maybe it was a strange idea to choose a Swedish dish to use the berry jam from Finland, but I really wanted to try the jam with some kind of meat, and when I googled for an idea, the combination of Swedish meatballs and lingonberry jam looked like a must-have. Of course I didn’t have enough ingredients to make “real” Swedish meatballs, but even with my “mock” dish, I was able to find out how the jam goes well with meat. Mmmmmm.....

And this is my second attempt with the lingonberry jam. I adopted the recipe from this site (scroll down), and reduced it to half. I didn’t have sour cream and it was raining outside (meaning that I didn’t feel like going grocery shopping), I substituted it with yogurt and cottage cheese. So, again, my cake must have been pretty different from what it should be – perhaps much softer, fluffier and lighter-tasting. But I’m happy to say that I do love my “mock” spiced lingonberry cake very much. This sweet-n-tart cake was perfect for the tea time on this dull, rainy afternoon.

... Now what should I use the other kind of jam: cloudberry jam for? That is something I've never ever had before, and sooooooooo tasty! :D



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your cake looks delicious and light! Yummy!



K and S said...

I agree with you that blogging has broadened my food experiences. You are so lucky to have cloudberry jam, I hear it is delicious.

karaimame said...

Hi! I´ve been reading your blog for long, but I never left any comment before... I love to read your posts!
By the way, don´t worry about that Swedish food/ Finnish jam combination, because here in Finland we actually eat meatballs, potatoes and the lingonberry preserve together.
My parents are from Japan too and reading your blog just inspires me on keeping my japanese origins.

karaimame said...

Oh, I forgot to say.. the cloudberry jam is delightful with cheesecakes and white fresh cheese in general. Here it is common to eat it with some sort of "bread-pancake" made of cheese (äjuusto)
:) Yum, Oishii!
Mata ne ;)

Pinkity said...

Hihi Obachan... IKEA serves lingonberry jam with meatballs and boiled potatoes and it's delish! I love it with potatoes and gravy.. even better than with the meatballs.. :D Great cake!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading about how you explore new foods and try out how they go with foods you are familiar with. I actually like how you switch ingredients to what you have on hand or for less expensive ingredients, so please don't apologize if you make changes to a recipe!

ChroniclesofChaos said...

Konnichiwa Obachan!

Thanks for this idea so I know what to do with my remaining jar of Lingonberry sauce. I was tempted to buy the jar of cloudberry jam as well but was afraid of not knowing what to do with it if I didnt like it as a spread on toast.

Like Pinkity says, meatballs with a mushroom like cloudy sauce and sweet lingonberry is a fav here in Singapore.

obachan said...

Thanks. I really loved it.

K & S
I thought that cloudberry jam was different from any berry jam I had ever tasted. And the funny thing was that somehow, something in its smell reminded me of… miso.

Oh, thank you so much for your nice comment. Now that the combination is officially endorsed (LOL) I’m ready to try it again. (But the jam is almost gone now…)
Yeah, the bread pancake looks so good. OK, so I’ve got to try cloudberry jam and cheese combination next. I don’t think I can get squeaky cheese here, but at least I can find some cheesecakes. Arigato!

Yeah, I’ve read about the meatballs served at IKEA. Mmmm… makes me hungry! Maybe next time I go to Kobe, I might have a chance to go to IKEA in port island.

The way I switch ingredients? Well… “Necessity is mother of invention,” you know. ;)

Tickles’ Belly flops
Konnichiwa! So you enjoy the combination in Singapore, too. Lucky you. :)

Laurel said...

Hi Obachan, I had cloudberry jam once, with Swedish-style cardamom waffles and whipped cream. It was fabulous, I highly recommend it.