Saturday, November 08, 2008

Store-bought Summer Roll Salad

Store-bought Summer Roll Salad from "Sunny Mart"

It's my complete day off today after six consecutive days with both daytime and night-time jobs back to back (well, mostly). You can imagine how lazy I'm determined to be all day today. Oh, I deserve it. Definitely.

I bought this for my lunch. This healthy dish will accompany "spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino" which I'm going to make myself. And I have ginger ale in my fridge. International lunch, huh?

BTW, I didn't know until 10 minutes ago that this type of fresh spring-roll like food is called "summer rolls" in English. So "spring rolls" usually means the deep-fried version, right?



Anonymous said...

Ehh, in Australia we would call that 'rice paper roll' and the deep-fried version 'spring roll'.

Don't know about summer roll...hahah gomen

Donna said...

I think it depends. Around here in Cleveland, Ohio, I've only had the rice paper ones at Vietnamese restaurants where they are on the menu as "fresh spring rolls", as opposed to "spring rolls", which are fried. I do love them, putting them in a salad sounds delicious!

This is another blog I read, with an interesting discussion on "summer rolls"

K and S said...

we call it summer rolls where I come from. that looks good, is it from RF1? I like their smoke salmon version too.

Carolie said...

We always called that kind of roll Vietnamese spring roll or rice paper spring roll. I've never heard it called summer roll. But I think they're delicious, no matter what anyone calls them!

Anonymous said...

in japanese called "Nama harumaki":)

Anonymous said...

Ua~~! Looks wonderfull...
;__; Why is so hard to find anything like that in Spain...? All you can find here is the deep-fried version... and It's called "Vietnamese Rolls"!
Anyway! They're really look amazing and delicious? You can tell me!Heheheh!(^_-)

ghanima said...

It's called "fresh spring roll" (as opposed to stale?) in Toronto, as well.

FooDcrazEE said...

guess its Chinese calling it spring roll and SUMMER ROLL just another version of it.

Usually its called Fresh or Deep Fried Spring Roll. Viet uses rice paper but the Chinese uses Dough to make the outer layer. In Malaysia, we called them POPIAH after some chinese dialect think it is Fujian.

obachan said...

Anonymous commenter
Oh, thank you. Rice paper roll sounds like a nutral(?) and explanatory name.

Wow, thanks for the link. Yeah, the discussion is interesting and I saw Rosa's comment there.

I really wonder who first started calling them "summer rolls." Actually I like that name, though now I know that it has nothing to do with the original Vietnamese name of the food. To me, the ingredients showing through the thin rice paper seem as if they'er wearing see-through clothes or something. And the rolls look cold -- look like something nice to eat in summer. So I like "summer rolls" better than "fresh" spring rolls.

K & S
It is from a supermarket called "Sunny Mart."

Sounds like you guys are using non-controversial names. Anyway, I agree -- they're delicious and that's what that matters. ;)

Anonymous commenter
Right. "Raw" spring rolls. Maybe that could upset Vietnamese people more...? Maybe "Raw" sounds worse than "fresh?" :P

So in Spain, deep-fried version is called "Vietnamese Rolls," not spring rolls? Interesting.
Yeah, I enjoyed the rolls. It must have been much better with more Vietnamese type of dipping sauce instead of Japanese typical sesame sauce that came with the rolls.

So it's "fresh" vs. "deep-fried" region there.

Yeah, I read about popiah here:
And now I'm so hungry! :D

FooDcrazEE said...

try this link

Anonymous said...

that looks like a wonderful & light lunch. makes me hungry!