Sunday, November 30, 2008

White Stew with Walnut Raisin Bread

White Stew with Salmon

Today was a nice, productive Sunday. After doing dishes and laundry, I went to nearby park and Kochi castle to take some photos. (They'll be posted on my another blog soon.) It was the perfect timing and the maple leaves were breathtakingly gorgeous. Oh, the real ones were much more beautiful than my photos. I wish I could take you there!

It was a warm, sunny day but it turned cold in the late afternoon. My hands and feet were almost frozen when I came back to my apartment. It took a hot bath, tamagozake and this white stew to warm myself up tonight.

The bread-like things in the background are walnut raisin bread I baked today. They are ... uh... edible. I'm pretty sure that they would be more like a weapon rather tan food tomorrow. Hahaha... I learned a lesson today: Never bake bread before going on a photo-taking excursion.

Oh, BTW, today I spent such a long time looking for a gadget that shows the local time, weather and temperature here. Finally I found the one that's small enough for this sidebar. But I just noticed that it's working on Firefox but not on Internet Explorer on my laptop...

Dec. 2
I replaced the weather sticker. The new one is working fine on my Firefox and IE. Thanks to those who left comments to let me know if the previous gadget worked on different browsers.



K and S said...

great way to warm up :)

Anonymous said...

Mmm, looks good. Even if the bread was not so tasty, it looks cute.

I have IE and the gadget is working for me. :D


Unknown said...

I'm in Safari and it is working! :)

liz said...


the clock works for me too on safari and also want to comment on your lovely blog ?I discovered you via the nordjlus blog and I'm glad I did,will go and look at your other blog now ,,regards from Paris

obachan said...

K & S
And to use up the leftover veggies in the fridge, too. ;)

Oh, thanks for the positive view on my bread. :D So the gadget does work on IE, too. Hmmmm... it might be the security setting of my IE...

Oh, really? Thanks! :)

Thank you for your nice comment. Nordjlus is such a great blog, isn't it? It inspires and motivates me to improve my photo-taking skill more and more everytime I visit there.