Thursday, December 11, 2008

How I Wish...!!

Light Christmas Cake 2008

Oh, why can't photos capture the aroma and let viewers enjoy it? See this cake? It has just come out of the oven, and I really, really wish you could smell it. IT'S HEAVENLY! I don't know about the taste yet, but this cake does smell much better than any other fruitcakes I have baked before.

This year, I used this light fruitcake recipe. Oh, of course I didn't make this huge batch; I reduced it to one-fifth. I picked the recipe after long hours of googling because the texture looked nice in the photo and it is the type of cake that you mature for weeks brushing with liquor over and over. And as you can see in this post, I used Myers's rum to soak the dried fruits this year and it was the key. The moment I opened the jar to use the soaked fruits today, I knew that I had made a right choice. It smelled already wonderfully then, and the aroma was even better when the cake was almost done in the oven.

So, about two more weeks to mature it? Gee, I can hardly wait! :D

Here's another thing I should be working on to get ready for Christmas:

Obachan's Prospective Christmas Wreath 2008

This photo may look better than the wreath I'm going to make...
(The vine is from Daiso 100yen shop, BTW.)



K and S said...

looks delicious :) can't wait to see your wreath!

Anonymous said...

dearest Obachan

delicious fruity smell
M m m m thats Xmas around the corner


LOTS OF LOVE from malaysiaelayne

tofugirl said...

That looks really delicious! I myself am very behind and am only starting to steep my fruits this weekend *panic*.

obachan said...

K & S
Woooooo... To be honest, I have no confidence... I mean, the nuts and the vine look really nice as they are now and I don't know if I'd be able to make them look better when made into a wreath by me...

Oh, yes! It smells delicious and fruity. I brushed the cake with some rum today, and my kitchen was again filled with the magical aroma.

Come on. Don't panic. It's not too late, I guess, because some recipes tell you to soak dried fruits just overnight. I'm sure you'll make a scrumptious fruitcake. :)