Saturday, January 24, 2009

Testing, Testing!!

Photo from summer, 2007

Hey, I'm at my parents' house now, testing the Internet connection with the data card! Good news! The connection is slower than ADSL but faster than ISDN, and seems pretty stable in this countryside where there's no railroad, no construction works and no tall buildings. :D

So far I've tried browsing some websites with many photos, downloading Java (for checking the transmission speed), watching Obama's inauguration speech on ABC news online, ordering some books on Amazon, and watching Youtube. All went OK except Youtube, and the speed was not as slow as I had expected. The Youtube movie I tried to see completely froze, though the connection itself didn't die. ABC news was much better, though it did pause from time to time... But it came back after 20 to 30 seconds and reached the end, so I should be happy.

Now the last thing to try today is uploading a photo to my blog. If you see this post with a photo on, you know that I'm going to go for the data card. ;)

Oh, BTW, I took this photo when I made cucumber pickles in 2007. The reason why I didn't post about them was... uh... after canning, I closed the screw-top lid too tight and couldn't open the jar when I wanted to eat the pickles... So the jar is still in my fridge, unopened. :P OK. Let's see if the photo would be posted alright.



Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you will be able to continue posting from "inaka".
I am curious to know, will you reveal your parent's home town??! I used to live in rural Tokushima while on the JET programme!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear that. Keep posting, Obachan ^-^

Anonymous said...

Yatta !

Aloha from Hawaii,

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so glad to find you again ... my laptop died and I lost all my "favorites" and I couldn't remember your blog title - finally had a brain-flip this afternoon .... I'm glad to be able to read of your adventures, and to see your beautiful photos.
God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

The photo is very clear. So I think u can go ahead with yr data card.

Anonymous said...

Obachan, I am so glad the card is working. I use one for work and am amazed that at times it is faster than the cable modem I have on my home computer! And I am glad that you plan to continue to post after your move. I am looking forward to finding out about your town and your life back in your home town.

My book group chose a novel about moving back home to a small community. If it is any good, I will let you know.

Anonymous said...

That's good :D I'm glad it works!

obachan said...

I guess I'm not going to mention the name of the place, but you'll have some idea of approximately where it is if you were in Tokushima. My inaka is a small place beetween Cape Muroto and Tokushima.

Thanks. I will.

Yatta yo! I'm happy. :)

Oh, I'm so glad that you re-discovered my blog. Hope you keep coming back.

Anonymous commenter
And it didn't take terribly long to upload this photo, so I think it will be OK to depend on this data card.

The descriptions of the life in my hometown won't be anything exciting but could be interesting to some people, I guess.

I look forward to hearing about your book group. ;)

Thanks. I'm glad, too. :D