Saturday, February 28, 2009

Savory Waffles...?

I tried out Mora's wine cream sauce recipe and used it on my savory waffles today. (Yeah, my waffle maker has been abused lately, hasn't it?) On the waffles, I put some slices of lemon-herb chicken with sauteed zucchini and mushrooms, then poured the sauce over them. I guess I made the sauce a little too thick.

Honestly, the sauce was great with the chicken and vegetables. But I just thought... they didn't really have to be on these waffles... Then I realized that I forgot to leave out the sugar in the waffle recipe. Yeah, they were a bit too sweet for the toppings. Maybe it's better to use "savory waffles" recipe when I make something like this, and also flavor them with things like cheese or cornmeal? Oh well, there will always be the next time. ;)

One progress: I managed to make the both sides of my waffles equally browned.



Implosion said...

The zucchini and mushrooms look juuust right- not too overdone. Just wondering what kind of wine you used in the sauce? Thanks Obachan.

Anonymous said...

What's growing on your balcony - or have you discontinued farming, in anticipation of your move?

God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Hi, Obachan. In spite of the fact that you thought your sauce was a bit too thick, the meal looked great. Congratulations on your first attempt.

As for the sugar in the waffles, I bet it would still be okay if you were making a curry sauce (same base sauce of flour/oil or butter and stock/milk and wine) with some raisins and toasted almonds in it. I love the sweet and savory combination. You could top off the curry cream sauce with a spoonful or two of yogurt and on top of that a spoonful of mango chutney, then sprinkle chopped cilantro over the entire dish. Chicken or fish can be incorporated into the sauce if you like, too.

My partner and I will be in Kyoto for part of November 2009. If we can meet in Kyoto, I would love to show you how I make my sauce. There's a full kitchen where we stay.

Anne said...

Oishii so! As someone who prefers a savory breakfast over a sweet one, this looks perfect. Great entry, and GREAT idea about using mochi in your waffle cool.

ThedaBara said...

Hello Obachan,

I agree with what everyone else has said about these waffles, they still look delicious, in spite of the fact that the sauce came out a little on the thick side.

Have you ever heard of chicken and waffles? it's a popular dish in the southern part of the United States(you can Google it to see some photos). My husband loves it, I've even seen him dip the deep fried chicken into the maple syrup meant for the waffles!

The first time I saw this dish I had just moved to the U.S. and I thought it was, well, kinda gross and wrong. I thought the same thing you did "that chicken does not need to be with those waffles..."

You have a great blog, keep up the good work!

obachan said...

K & S

I ended up using a cheap Japanese white wine. The cheapest brand, actually. ;)

Christine in LA
Nope. It's just my laziness. My plants are -- at least some of them are -- getting ready for spring. I promise I'll post about them soon.

Oh it would be great if I could see you in Kyoto and cook with you. I'll keep that in mind.

Talking about moffles, I've heard that it was invented from a grandpa's remark at a demonstration sale. Here's how the story goes. One guy was selling waffle makers at a store, but wasn't doing a great job because waffles are not very popular especially among elder Japanese. After his sales talk, a grandpa in the audience said something like, "We don't eat that kind of Western food. I'd buy one if that thing could grill mochi." Then the sales guy went home and actually tried it out. That's how moffles were invented.(I'm almost positive that the sales guy's blood type is B.)

Thanks for the info. I saw some photos of chicken and waffles. It's a shame that I've been to Atlanta once but never tried this dish at Gladys Knight & Ron Winans' Chicken & Waffles. Anyway, the dish looks tempting, but I don't think I can eat it for breakfast. Maybe lunch. :)

Max mickle said...

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