Sunday, March 08, 2009

Garden Report - March 2009 -

Mizuna, blooming

I didn't know what mizuna flowers look like, because my mizuna didn't survive the winter last year. I wonder if these leaves are too strong or too bitter to eat now...

I enjoyed mizuna in various hotpot dishes and stir-fries several times last winter. It's such a shame that I was too lazy to post about them. Haha... :P

Blueberry (Sunshine Blue)

I'm taking my sunshine blue with me to my parents' house. Now, what do you think? Would it damage this plant if I transplant it somewhere in mom's garden sometime in May, after these flowers are gone? If I want to harvest some berries this summer, would it be safer to keep it in the planter as it is now?



I don't know if this rosemary is dying or recovering. During winter, almost all leaves looked brown, except the bottom part of each leaf. Now I think I see more green leaves than I did in winter, so maybe it's recovering...???

It's already March. Gosh... Feels like it was only yesterday that I posted about my New Year's Day feast. It's really nice to see my little plants and feel the breath of spring, because I'm not feeling very well recently.

About a week ago, I started hearing my heartbeat pretty loudly in my left ear -- not all the time, but when I was sitting quietly or lying in bed. It was as if my heart moved up to my left ear and was pounding right there. (Well, I'm exaggerating. A little.) Then it got worse every day. Yeah, it was kind of nice to be re-confirmed that my heart was diligently working, but it didn't have to be THAT often, and THAT noisy. LOL Finally one day when I was washing dishes in my kitchen, I felt as if my left ear was totally stuffed up, with terrible buzz in the ear, and I felt a little dizzy. So the next day I went to see the doctor, and there I was diagnosed with mild Meniere's syndrome.

So I guess it was the right choice, after all, to quit my current jobs and move to a country to live a "slow" life. Maybe something told me to make a change even before my body gave me this warning sign. It was good that I made the decision earlier, because now I only have a few more weeks left to work and my successor is already picked and started receiving training.
I think I'm lucky, after all. ;)



Anonymous said...

Please take care..I hope you get better soon! Your blueberry sunshine looks so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see yout plants are doing well, but even more happy that you saw the doctor. I'm sure the move to a slower-placed town will be beneficial to you.

God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Do take care!
Your Sunshine Blue flowers looks so pretty.. hope you'll have a nice crop of blueberries this year too!

K and S said...

I think you should re-plant the blueberry after you get fruits.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Spring is here! Great shots...



Anonymous said...

What lovely photos of your garden!
Spring is definitely making its arrival known. I was particularly taken with the mizuna flowers...a first for me. Now I want to rush to the store to buy some and add it to my salad. We will all be anticipating your upcoming garden photos. Thanks, Obachan!

ghanima said...

Hi, Obachan! I'm so relieved that what ails you isn't more serious -- and I agree with you, I think leaving behind the relatively frantic pace of the life you're living, to return somewhere a little calmer, can only help you get better. How strange it is that we seem to pick up on these sorts of things before our bodies become overt about it!

Any way, I'm sorry I can't offer much advice about your garden, my herbs have done poorly from the moment I got them! I've basically been treating them by trial and error.

Anonymous said...

Bachan!! It sort of worried me knowing your symptoms. Please take care and I hope that it isn't the moving that's giving you the thumping.

I didn't know that blueberry bears flowers, and they're so very pretty. May I gently suggest that you harvest your berries before transplant, to minimize shock. Or seek professional advise from flower shops. =)

I smiled when I see the green coming back to your Rosemary, lovely.

obachan said...

Anonymous commenter
Still feeling dizzy from time to time, but getting better overall. Thank you! :)

Christine in LA
I hope the move will give me a break rather than a new stress.

Amelia Yap
I wonder if the plant will love the sea breeze in my hometown.

K & S
That sounds like a good idea.

Are flowers blooming over there, too? I bet it is lovely there in spring.

I don't think many people have seen mizuna flowers here. Come to think about it, I have never seen lettus flowers...

I'm glad that it was just Meniere's, because the worst case scenario I imagined was brain tumore or a varicos vein. Hahaha...

I'm going to have to go through trials and errors when I start growing my herbs in my parents' vegetable garden.It's the place where wild hogs and masked musangs (hakubishin) come around!

Anonymous commenter
Thank you for your concern. I'm convinced that it will be safer to transplant my blueberry after harvesting the berries. :)

Anonymous said...

I always preferred the country over the city...would love my kids grow there too! Enjoy and take care!

obachan said...

I agree. I think childhood in the country can be a great gift to the kids. They'll naturally learn what's good, healthy and authentic, and that will help them somewhere later in life...