Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Sad and Sweet" Farewell

Farewell Presents Given to Me Yesterday


My last day at the language school is coming closer, and I've been saying goodbye to the students who I'm not going to see again. That is not something I truly enjoy, but it has its sweetness, too. Most of them kindly thanked me for my humble contribution there. Some of them looked shocked and said they would really miss me. And, though I didn't expect this at all, a couple of them even gave me farewell presents!

I love this orange-colored bouquet so much. The girl who gave it to me said, "I don't know why but I just thought orange was your color," which made me feel so happy, because orange IS my color. And this chocolate cake! It's so rich and smooth but not too sweet or too heavy -- one of the best I've ever tasted. Oh, you noticed the scotch tape on the package? Yeah, I ate one piece before taking this shot and sealed the package with the tape. ;)


These are the presents I got on my last day there.

************** Thank you. *************



K and S said...

that is so sweet of your students!

Anonymous said...

I really hate saying goodbye to people I've connected with, so to me that would be agony. I'm glad you were able to get through it ok, and what nice gifts you got!

I'd nearly kill for a good chocolate cake around here! The closest to what you've described that I can get near here is from a little place called Chat Noir. ^_^ Yummmm.....

Tindy said...

Aw, your students love you. :)

That bouquet is really lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh... I hate farewells, but I'm glad that it's a sweet one for you.

Happy belated Birthday Obachan. And you're getting wiser of course. =P

Mi said...

Hi Obachan, this is the first time I am coming out of the shadows and leaving a comment on your blog.

I have been mucking around with my foodie blog for 2 years, unsure how I want to present it to the world. Finally your blog gave me the inspiration I needed to set my own blog on the path I want.

I am sorry you will be leaving too...but I hope we can meet again on your new blog :)

obachan said...

K & S

Dateline Osaka
Sweets and flowers really help to go through this kind of thing.

I guess SOME of them do. ;)

Anonymous commenter
Thank you. I really wish to have more wisdom without getting more wrinkles and gray hair...

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad to hear that my blog gave you an inspiration. And actually, now your blog has just inspired me to look into wordpress for my new blog...

enacci said...

The bouquet is really beautiful and the sweets....hmm looks yummy! :-)


obachan said...

さーに san