Monday, April 13, 2009

Could Be My Last Time To Eat Delivered Pizza

"Chicago Pizza"

Phew! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y it's over!
I was really stressed out yesterday, being buried under empty cans, bottles and nonburnable garbage that had accumulated in my kitchen in the past years. If you heard a scream from the direction of Shikoku Island, Japan yesterday, it was me. :P

Today I got up early and took recyclable and/or nonburnable garbage to the designated place. Starting at 6:30 am, guess how many trips I had to make between the place and my apartment. And every time I thought it was almost done, I found a couple more things that needed to be thrown away. It seemed endless. Really.

But thank goodness, nothing lasts forever. At last my agony (for the day) came to an end. At 8:30 am, I took a shower and felt so relieved.

After that, I went to the bank and landlord's office, and in the afternoon I renewed my driving license. Yes, a productive day, and a darn hot day.

So I'm really exhausted. Oh, absolutely no cooking tonight. Hot shower, garlicky seafood pizza with beer... then I'll go to bed early. I think I deserve it.
Nigh-nigh. :)


K and S said...

o-tsukaresama! sounds like a rough day but well rewarded with a delicious pizza and rest!

Tindy said...

Mmm, garlicy pizza.

I hope your move goes smoothly! Only 17 more days, right? Will you still be on Shikoku?

Word Verification: oplum. A small plum. ^_^

C said...

The pizza is called Chicago Pizza? Hmmm... Here in Chicago, our pizza is thick crust (like an inch thick) and the toppings are usually between the sauce and the cheese.

David said...

There's no pizza delivery where you will be moving? Wow, it must be really rural. I can't wait to read about your return to your hometown. Your blog is really going to take a unique turn. We are so lucky that you write English so well.

yamo said...

hot already?!
no way!
i remember going to kochi in the middle of july. now that was hot. and too many mosquitoes!

obachan said...

K & S;
Boy how I wished I were living in Osaka city now. I don't know about Minoo, but in Osaka city in late 1990s, we didn't have to separate cans from burnable garbage. Here we even have to sort bottles by their colors... transparent, green and brown. It's not that rural cities are more environmentally conscious -- they just don't have big cumbustor. Hahaha...

Gee! I wasn't counting the days left until you said that only 17 more days left. I really hope I can manage...

Actually the pizza was called "Gran Marinara" or something. "Chicago Pizza" is the name of the pizza shop.They have the choice of thick crust and thin, crispy crust like this one, and you can also add extra cheese topping (of course not for free).

Wanna know what we don't have in my hometown? Fast food shop, Rental video (DVD) shop, convenience store, hospital, train, banks, etc... Oh but don't worry. Important things like hospitals, dentists, government offices and banks are in the bigger neighboring town which is only about 15 minutes by car. But even in that "metropolitan" part of the city, there's no pizza delivery. Hahaha...

You're right. I should have said that it was hot for April. Good thing is that I don't see many mosquitoes yet. But in July in my hometown... AHHHHHHHHH I don't want to think about it.

K and S said...

we don't have to separate it by color but we have to separate our garbage in Minoo. I heard Osaka still doesn't have to which makes for trouble when people move from Osaka to Minoo :p

tina said...

O tsukaresama deshita!