Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flooded But Tasted Good

Cherry Pie

I used EXPENSIVE canned dark cherries, and maybe I shouldn't have added the juice in the can. But this filling recipe called for it and I was unusually(?) obedient today. Haha...Then when I peeked into the oven after 20 minutes or so, about half of the surface of the pie was covered with cherry juice that came out from those heart-shaped holes. It didn't look too good, to be honest. (I cropped off the flooded part from above photo.)

The pie tasted good, though. For the crust I used this recipe again.


My English grammar teacher used to say that the adjective "favorite" does not have a superlative form so you cannot say "most favorite," but who cares. Now she is my "most favorite obachan" on the face of the earth. I watched her performance on Youtube more than 15 times today, let me tell ya. It's empowering!



K and S said...

this pie looks delicious! I also saw this video on youtube and she is amazing!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A delicious looking pie!



Anonymous said...

oh, the lovely Susan Boyle...was she on the news in Japan too? I watch her video every day! She also sang "cry me a river" which is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Susan Boyle is my favoritest too. I hope she is successful beyond her wildest dreams.


Tindy said...

That pie looks absolutely mouthwatering. I really want cherry pie now.

I have my Japanese Oral test tomorrow .____.; kowai...

Anonymous said...

omg that pie looks amazing :)

obachan said...

K & S;
Isn't she? I wish I could see her in Ophra's show.

Thank you.

Anonymous commenter;
Yep. She was on the news and that was how I heard about her. I just listened to her "Cry me a river" on Youtube. Terrific! I liked it better than "I dreamed a dream."

I think she deserves that.

I wish I could send you one piece.

Good luck with your Japanese test. Or maybe it's already over? I'm sure you did fine. :)

Liliai Anoel;
Thanks. That makes me feel rewarded (because the ingredients were kinda expensive).

Fast Lane said...

Oh wow that cheery pie looks so good. i've been working on restaurant menu design all day for this pastry place in chicago. i just want to pig out now. haha

Anonymous said...

Oh cherry pie that is my biggest weakness. I just love it.

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