Friday, June 03, 2005

A New Look!

Fujiya Look Chocolate "Grape A La Mode"

This is a new version of Fujiya look chocolate launched about 10 days ago. Each chocolate nugget is filled with one of the 4 kinds of grape-flavored cream: cabernet, chardonnay, kyoho and muscat cream.

The design on this package attracted me so much (because I’m such a big muscat lover) that I didn't hesitate a second to pick it up from the shelf.

A nice thing is the inner package... they printed the name of the cream on it, both in Japanese and English, so that you can tell which nugget is filled with which kind of cream.

I have eaten real kyoho and muscat, but not cabernet and chardonnay --- for me those are the names I see on the labels on wine bottles only. So there was no way that I could tell if the cream was really cabernet-like or chardonnay-like.


Anonymous said...

Looks so goood....
Dang!!! With so many nice pastries , cakes and candy , how do so many Japanese ladies stay so slim??? 

Posted by keona

Anonymous said...

I suppose you had no choice but to "LOOK" ;-). And maybe, "EAT" too. hehe 

Posted by Jonny

Anonymous said...

The chocolate looks wonderful.,,,,and muscat? My favorite!!!!!! As I said before, the Japanese make packaging so attractive that it is difficult to resist some products!!!!
Enjoy the yummy chocolate! 

Posted by CARLYN

Anonymous said...

japanese ladies stay so slim because they eat a lot of fish, vegetables, soy and rice. and if you look at a typical meal, the content is balanced, varied, and fairly high in protein. the typical western meal has only a couple of ingredients, but the portion is huge. living in the U.S. makes it hard to eat healthy. the usual suspect of "health" foods are not palatable to me: yogurt, whole grain, pita, chicken, rice cakes? i would take any day a regular japanese meal: fresh fish, some pickles, soup, a variety of vegetables, tofu, miso, tea/low fat drink, a nice little piece of chocolates at the end, etc.

also the japanese don't consume the massive amount of animal fat, sugar and dairy product that american women eat. the portions are smaller. snacks are packaged delicately. no supersize me!  

Posted by Joanna

Anonymous said...

> keona --- Well, believe me. Some of us are actually not so slim.

> Jonny --- Hey, nice to hear from you. Yeah, I ate them up quite fast. BTW, the other day my colleagues made oikimchi at the izakaya and it was pretty good. That reminded me of your attempts of making home-made kimchi that you posted about before.

> CARLYN --- Oh you like muscat, too? Yep, these were good :)

> Joanna --- Thanks so much for a very favorable view of Japanese ladies. I guess what you mentioned is the way some Japanese ladies are, or used to be, but not quite the majority, though. To be honest, many of us are not eating very “balanced” meals. Our traditional meals have been criticized for their high sodium content and lack of vitamin-C (Japanese people did not eat much of raw vegetables in ancient times). Our eating habits are more Westernized now and became more balanced, but we also got lazy so instead of eating healthy meals resulting from the combination of Japanese tradition and Western influence, we are depending more on junk foods and ready-made packed meals from convenience stores. (Believe me, there ARE some women who have never done any cooking but almost live on sweets and junk food and supplement tablets.) Maybe our preference for “lighter-taste” is contributing to our less consumption of animal fat and sugar to some extent, but no country is perfect, I guess.  

Posted by obachan