Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Suiito Poteto (Sweet Potato)

Now in my kitchen, I have some sweet potatoes from my parents’ vegetable garden. And this is what I made today.

So what are they? Good question. When I tried to put caption for this photo, my fingers just froze on the keyboard. What is this dessert called in English?

OK. We call it “suiito poteto” which is “sweet potato” pronounced in a Japanese way. But when you say “sweet potato” in English, it means the potato itself, not a dessert, right? Then what should be the name of the dessert I made? This is how I made it--- I microwaved the sweet potatoes, mashed and pureed them, then beat in sugar, egg yolk, heavy cream and cinnamon, and, using a pastry bag, piped the mixture into paper baking cups. After glazing the top with egg yolk, I baked them in the oven for about 25 minutes. This “suiito poteto” is very popular in Japan and most of the recipes are very much alike. Yeah, simple and yummy. Everyone’s favorite.

Hmm… maybe, the name can be ….”Sweet potato pie without pie crust?”

* I used this recipe (in Japanese) today.
** The link I had here before expired a while ago, so I've just linked to another Japanese recipe which is close to the previous one . (10/20/2005)


Tatsuo Tabata said...

My wife liked to buy a pack of ready-made "suiito poteto" when we were much younger. I was just wondering what to call it in English.

obachan said...

See? It's everyone's favorite!

obachan said...

Oh, what a nice friend you have, elna.
I wonder if people in Okinawa use purple sweet potatoes to make this. Must be really good.

purplegirl said...

wow, i've never had those and they look delish! please, can you post the recipe in English?

or email it to me? thepurplegirl@gmail.com


obachan said...

Hi purplegirl,

Thanks for visiting! OK, let me contact the owner of the Japanese recipe first. If she gives me a permission, I’ll get back to you with English translation. Just give me some time. : )

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog entry, obachan! I just love your site...please keep up the great work :o)

I realize this thread is old, but I would love to make these for my husband. He's Japanese and every now and then craves various Japanese sweets. I sometimes make him ohagi or mochi or just plain anko, but these look very oishi! :-)

The link to the Japanese recipe site isn't working - can I please get a copy of the recipe (English or Japanese is OK)?

Many many thanks! 

Posted by kris

Anonymous said...

Thanks, obachan. I'm going to have to try making this.

I love your blog! I'm half Canadian/Filipino, so seeing a Western/Japanese food blog is great -- I have access to both cuisine "flavours" that I grew up with, in one spot.

obachan said...

Thanks ghanima,
I wonder if you have the same kind of sweet potatoes over there, but it shouldn't be a big trouble. Good luck! :D

Anonymous said...
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The Daily Sarah said...

I think you would call this "sweet potato flan". In England you could get away with calling it "sweet potato pudding".