Monday, September 20, 2004

Sunday Market

On my way back from my parents’ house to my apartment yesterday, I visited the Sunday Market.
This is a very famous market (at least in this prefecture) which has a long history of 300 years. About 600 outdoor stalls open along the 1km(apx.) street near the castle. How about that?

You can find almost anything here: foods, everyday items, antiques, plants, and accessories.... I even saw live goldfish today.

Dried seafood

Local specialties: Yuzu Kosho*, Yuzu Miso**, Salted fish guts, dried seaweed...

I’m the kind of person who has to buy, once in a while, fruits and vegetables that don’t have barcode labels on.


I bought 7 onions and 8 eggplants there yesterday and the total price was 250 yen (apx. US$2.27). Not too bad. ;)

*yuzu: a kind of citrus fruit.
** Miso: fermented soybean paste


Anonymous said...

The market looks so good. Such fresh veggies....It brings back so many memories for me. I can just imagine the smells, too.
I miss Japan....I want to go back. Your pictures of the cherry blossoms makes me very homesick.

Posted by carlyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Carlyn,
Sorry I didn't notice this comment earlier... I know how you feel. I often feel the same way when I see the photos of the South in the US.
You gotta come visit Japan again someday.  

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

Not only the vegetables are beautiful, the display are captivating; I, too, miss many things about Japan.
But palm trees? On the Kanto Plain I was intoxicated by the most wondrous cherry trees ever, and on the other side of Shikoku I don't remember palms around Matsuyama, though perhaps the visit was too short.
Your site is a joy.
Did you grow up in AZ? The colloquial English is a little surprising.
Food picures. So nice.
Best regards and a wish for many more successes with your beautiful work. G 

Posted by gary tate

Anonymous said...

Hi gary tate,
I’ve never heard that there are palm trees in Matsuyama. I’ve been there a few times because my younger sister lives there, but I haven’t seen any. Actually I guess those palm trees in Kochi city and near the airport were brought from somewhere else (outside the prefecture) and planted to give the sightseeing spots some “tropical(?)” atmosphere, but I’m not positive. I didn’t grow up in AZ --- I stayed there for 2 months more than 10 years ago. My English is a mixture of strange colloquial expressions and words I picked up from online dictionaries that I don’t really know how to use in which context, and bunch of typos. Hahaha… Anyway, I’m glad that you enjoy my blog. Come visit often! :D 

Posted by Anonymous