Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Well, I did it!!! Here’s the coconut cake I made today, skipping lunch! The cake tasted OK, but it did not turn out as light as I wanted it to be. The biggest problem, though, was taking its photos. I never expected this before, but it was actually harder than I thought to find any photogenic place in my apartment that had enough light. Looks like I need to work on using different functions on this digital camera so that I can take better pictures of foods. Even with these areas that need improvement, I’m pretty satisfied with my first attempt to post food photos from this digital camera.

The ice in the tea melted while I was struggling to get a good angle…

I still had some whipping cream left in the bowl, so I made another dessert later using the cream with leftover strawberry sorbet from last night.



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wow...really nice and totally yum yum 

Posted by KJ

Anonymous said...

Thanks ;) They were OK.  

Posted by obachan