Monday, November 15, 2004

Newcomers to My Balcony Garden

These two newcomers joined my balcony garden today.

“Sunshine blue” (Blueberry) … Already has many flower buds….

This one is said to be semi-evergreen and semi-dwarf type. I didn’t expect to find this kind around here, so I almost jumped with joy when I accidentally found one at a shop not too far from my place but somehow I've never visited before.


It was on sale. I jumped with joy again :D


Evil Jonny said...

Sugoi! How about a picture of your entire balcony so we can get some scale? Please keep me up to date on your blueberries... I always wanted to try growing that.

obachan said...

Hi Jonny,
Well, a picture of my entire balcony…. it’s difficult because if I try that, I would have to include my laundries in the picture, too, which is very embarrassing. Sorry. I can only tell you this: all the planters & plants are smaller than they look in my photos.
I made a final decision to give this a GO when I heard “Sunshine blue” can survive hot summer, even in Okinawa. Sure I’ll keep you up to date…and don’t forget to keep me up to date on your burdock ; )