Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Purple Sweet Potato Pudding

I visited my parents’ last weekend and brought back some fruits and vegetables (as usual) ;) The La France pears were a present from a friend of my mom’s, I think. The purple sweet potatoes and lemons (believe it or not, these are lemons grown right next to orange trees!!) are from my dad’s veg. garden and orchard. Actually, the photo shows only part of them... I brought 5 or 6 of each kind.

The first thing I made was purple sweet potato pudding.

Purple Sweet Potato Pudding with whipped cream and dried cranberry

This was kind of disappointing. I had store-bought purple sweet potato pudding many times before and loved them sooooo much. In addition to the bright purple color, I always enjoyed their sweetness which is somewhat different from regular sweet potatoes. So I was very excited to make pudding out of the purple sweet potatoes myself, but it turned out almost totally tasteless!!!

Dad’s potatoes were probably not the sweetest kind, so I should have used less milk, added more sugar and/or made carmel sauce for this. Maybe vanilla extract could have helped. There’s no doubt that I need a lot more experimenting to come up with a good recipe of this pudding. :( OK, I’ll keep trying…

* Later, I made syrup (water, honey and a little orange curacao) and tried it with the pudding. It helped more than I expected. Actually, it was pretty good :) The orange curacao didn't kill the flavor of the purple potatoes like I was worried about. So, now I can say that today’s experiment was satisfactory.