Friday, November 19, 2004

Pear Compote

Pear (LaFrance) compote with vanilla ice cream and chocolate

I’ve been working hard to use the vegs and fruits I brought from my parents’ house last weekend.

I made pear compote (with the leftover Chablis from the other day)

and I pureed and froze the purple sweet potatoes.

So I just had a break and tried the compote with ice cream & chocolate.

yum!! :D

My blueberry, Sunshine blue started blooming.


But… these flowers probably won’t have berries because it’s going to be too cold soon. I hope this’ll bloom again next spring as it should and have berries alright in early summer…


Ziz said...

Mmmm pears and chocolate are divine. :D yum yum obachan. :)

ting-aling said...

Obachan..too much playing with my template and I made a new link is now

obachan said...

> alicat --- Yeah, it was good. The only problem was I felt slight bitterness when I ate the pear without ice cream and chocolate. Maybe it's from the wine???? But the combination was superb.

> ting-aling --- Oh, I hope you didn’t have too much hard time… Now you template looks perfect to me :)