Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sweet Potato & Apple Bake

Sweet Potato & Apple Bake...or something like that.

This was something totally new to me.
The apple I bought the other day needed to be used ASAP. I also wanted to consume the sweet potatoes I still had left from the tempra day.

After a little net search for a recipe that uses both apples and sweet potatoes (I tried to avoid pies), I came across
this recipe .

I didn’t feel like buying cheddar cheese and sweet marjoram just for this, so I substituted them with rosemary and regular processed cheese in my fridge. I wouldn’t call it a big mistake, but it indeed lowered the quality of this southern U.S. cuisine (at least that's how they call this on the recipe site linked above.)

The taste was OK, but would have been a lot better with sharp cheddar cheese. I’ll try this recipe again someday with a little modification and definitely with cheddar cheese on top.


Evil Jonny said...

It sounds interesting but I'm not a big fan of Southern food -- it's so heavy and unhealthy. Maybe I'd like the lighter version of this Japanese pie better. :-)

obachan said...

This was really an interesting recipe to try.