Monday, December 06, 2004

Daikon with a Chinese Touch

Mapo Daikon???

My boss gave me another B-I-G daikon from her mother’s veg. garden. Yes, the good, juicy kind that I enjoyed very much as Buri daikon the other day. This time I tried something different.

Basically my idea was making something similar to Chinese mapo tofu 麻婆豆腐 but with briefly boiled daikon in place of tofu. Usually ground meat is used for mapo tofu, but I had none so I used thinly sliced pork instead. Yeah, it turned out very far from mapo tofu after all, but I did put quite a bit of tou ban jan, sesame oil and some oyster sauce, which gave this dish a good Chinese touch. The crispy, juicy and spicy daikon was very good with cooked white rice ;)
And I still have more than half of the BIG daikon left….


obachan said...

Wow, daikon kimchi sounds good. I'm not sure what bibimmyeon is... Is that a noodle dish? How do you use daikon for that?