Tuesday, January 25, 2005

About 70% Success - Fuwa Fuwa Soy Milk Cakey -

My 1st attempt with Rachel's "Fuwa Fuwa Soy Milk Cakey"

Here’s my another “not-so-good-looking-but-tasting-OK” stuff. This was my first attempt with Rachel’s Fuwa Fuwa SoyMilk Cakey. Yes, this is the first one, and there’ll be 2nd and 3rd attempts to come for sure.

My mistake this time was making the paper collar too high for my oven… I had no idea how much the cake would rise, plus… no, the truth is, I just got lazy. I didn’t feel like cutting it down to a proper size. So I guess the collar kept blocking the heat while baking. It took so long for the cake to get done, and before it looked properly set, the top started turning really brown. I put aluminum foil on top and almost doubled the overall baking time.

When I finally took it out of the oven, it was so soft, fluffy and moist…maybe too much ;P I gave up on cutting the cake, and decided to see it as something more like a soufflé. So I used a spoon to dig in. It tasted GOOD!! :D

Next time, I’ll make the paper collar properly and adjust the oven temperature/baking time a bit.
I’m impressed with the idea of using wet kitchen cloths for baking, BTW.

Anyway, so happy that I came across with her site!


Anonymous said...

oh this looks so yummy. I am also tempted to try out the recipe but too bad...I am watching my diet......The festive season just doesn't seem to end for me with Chinese New Year coming up soon! 

Posted by pinkcocoa

Anonymous said...

Yay! I can't tell you how exciting it is to see someone else making my cake! Honestly, yours looks much prettier than mine. I'm sorry to hear it was too soft. It is a very delicate cake but it should be sliceable. I noticed the top of my cake looked a lot darker than yours, so maybe you could bake it for longer?  

Posted by Rachel

Anonymous said...

> pinkcocoa --- Ah, Chinese New Year! It must be really difficult to be on a diet then. I’m looking forward to reading your posts about your Chinese New Year dishes.

> Rachel --- Welcome to my site! Yeah, I could have baked it a bit longer, but I got tired of waiting. Next time I’ll know better. Can’t wait! I’m wondering… if maccha version is possible, maybe cocoa version, too? Hmmmmm…. will be my another experiment ; )
Oh your site also inspired me to get BloggerHacks comment system. Thanks again.


Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

Obachan, I want this! Make sure you make one for fish fish next time we meet ar~ *special request* kekeke... 

Posted by fish fish

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan,

Is this the same type of cake as castella? It looks so yummy. I feel like making this too. =P 

Posted by Reid

Anonymous said...

>fish fish --- OK. Just cross your fingers so that I won't squish the cake while on the bus.

> Reid --- No, I don't think this is the same as castella. Much softer and fluffier. And very good! Try Try Try! : ) 

Posted by obachan